When my wife and I started preparing for a baby, I asked myself – How much does it cost to have a baby? What does a baby need? When do we start buying baby stuff? I had all these questions racing around my head and I had almost no answers.

Fortunately my wife had worked in childcare prior to her current job, and so she had a far better idea than I did on exactly what a baby needed and when we should start buying baby stuff. Alas like me, she also didn’t have much insight into how much it was going to cost to have a baby, other than knowing it was going to be fairly expensive.

So I’ll start things off with this table – It has all the items (including medical expenses) that we bought or received as a result of preparing for our baby to come into this world. The prices listed are what I paid or what we would have paid if we decided to buy everything brand new. In all likely hood, if you are willing to shop around then you will probably be able to find many of these items on sale throughout the 9 months of your pregnancy.

List of Baby Stuff and Total Cost to Have a Baby

TOTAL COST$7502.45
Activity Mat$69.951$69.95Buy Activity Mat
Baby Bath$401$40Buy Baby Bath
Note: We got ours secondhand for free
Baby Bath Towel$102$20Buy Baby Bath Towels
Baby Blood Test$1071$107These are performed the day after the baby is born to test for cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease and congenital hypothyroidism
Baby Bottles$1.503$4.50Buy Baby Bottles
Baby Bouncer$801$80Buy Baby Bouncer
Baby Clothes$157$105Buy Baby Clothes
Baby Cleaning soaps and oils$201$20Buy Baby Cleaning Soaps and Oils
Baby Carrier / Holder$501$50Buy Baby Carrier
Baby Gate$501$50Buy Baby Gate
Baby Gate Extension$241$24Buy Baby Gate Extension
Baby Medical Kit$501$50Buy Baby Medical Kit

Buy Baby Grooming Kit
Baby Monitor and Night Light$1101$110Buy Baby Monitor and Night Light
Baby Powder$102$20Buy Baby Powder
Baby Wipes (pack of 100)$34$12Buy Baby Wipes
Baby Wraps$55$25Buy Muslin Wraps
Bibs$55$25Buy Waterproof SuperBib
Bottle Cleaner / Sterilizer$1201$120Buy Electric Bottle Steam Sterilizer
Car Shade$81$8Buy Car Window Shade, Black, 2 Pack
Change Pad$301$30Buy Changing Pad
Change Table$1491$149Buy Baby Changing Table
Cot$1501$150We got ours second hand from a friend for free.
Buy Rocking Crib - White
Glucose Tolerance Test$1401$140Glucose Tolerance Test
High Chair$701$70We bought this second hand for $15
Buy High Chair
Hospital Fees$5201$520This was the excess from our private health fund.
Nappy / Diaper Buckets$102$20Buy Bucket
Maternity Bra Pads$6.52$13Buy Nursing Pads - 60 ct
Maternity Bras$205$100Buy Nursing and Maternity Bra
Maternity Dresses$503$150Buy Maternity Dress
Maternity Pads (packs of 10)$56$30Buy Maternity Pads
Maternity Shirts$75$35Buy Maternity Women's Shirt
Maternity Undies$310$30Buy Maternity Panty
Mattress for Cot$951$95Buy Cot Matress
Mattress Protector$301$30Buy Matress Protector
Mid Wife Fees$2512$300We were charged for every visit
Nappy Bag$501$50Buy Diaper Bag, Black
Nappy Bin$251$25Buy Diaper Pail
Nappies/Diapers 30 pack$502$100Buy Newborn Diapers Jumbo Pack 30ct.
Obstetrician On Call Fee$18001$1,800
Obstetrician Fees$8513$1,105We were charged for every visit
Paediatrician $4681$468This is the total for 3 consults while we were in the hospital.
Pacifiers$33$9Buy Pacifiers
Portable Cot$591$59Buy Portable Cot
Pram / Stroller$2001$200Buy Stroller, Tangerine
Sleep Support$101$10Buy Safe Cotton Anti Roll Pillow
Vitamin D Tablets$1614$224Buy Vitamin D with Calcium
4D Imaging$2502$500

Expensive little things aren’t they. But you can save money if you are smart about it. Just keep reading… Note: Baby Money Saving Tips on Page 2

At this point in time you are probably thinking – “I don’t have $7,500 to spend on a baby!”

Remember, this is only the brand new cost of everything I listed, many of the items can be purchased second hand or can be borrowed from friends or relatives. It is even possible that you may not even need a lot of the things listed in the table. I just wanted to have a fairly comprehensive list of baby items available for you and to let you see all the things that we bought or were given throughout the pregnancy.

Our son is currently just shy of being 2 weeks old and so far we have used almost everything included in the list with the exception of the high chair (because he can’t sit up yet), the baby bottles (because my wife is breast feeding him), the medical kit and the baby carrier / holder.


Private vs Public Hospital


There is always debate over whether or not it is worth the money to go though the private hospital system or take what you are given in the public system.

First off I will tell you that we went into a private hospital, but only because we already had the cover. What I didn’t know when we decided to go private was that it still cost a lot of money in excess charges and doctors fees that I wouldn’t have had to pay for if we went through the public system.

Why we went with a Private Hospital

  • We had a choice of hospital
  • We had a choice of doctor
  • We had our own room during and after the birth
  • We had a doctor we were familiar with and who attended the birth
  • Antenatal classes were provided by the hospital
  • Apparently the food is better (It still wasn’t great…)

Once you know you are pregnant your GP will likely refer you to an obstetrician.

Note: An obstetrician is a specialist at delivering babies and looking after all things pregnancy related.

I wasn’t aware of this when we first decided to go through the private system, but having our own obstetrician was the single biggest expense of our 9 month journey to becoming parents. Each visit cost us $85 and on top of that we were slugged with a $1,800 on call fee that you have to pay at around 20 weeks.

Note: Our private health care didn’t cover the expense incurred from seeing the obstetrician. It only covered things once we hit the hospital and were having the baby.

The Obstetrician also had a mid wife that worked in the office and she charged out at $25 an hour.

Honestly I don’t think seeing the mid wife or the obstetrician was really worth the money. Almost every time we visited them, all they did was take a blood pressure reading, feel my wifes belly and then ask if we had any questions or concerns. Asides from spending up to an hour in the waiting room, it only took 10 minutes to get all this done every fortnight (weekly in the last month) and we were finished. The way I see it, every fortnight we paid $85 for a blood pressure test. Incidentally, I have a blood pressure tester at home which cost me $50 and we don’t have to drive 15 minutes to see a doctor and get a reading.

The regular doctors visits probably would have been more worthwhile if there were problems in the pregnancy, but for someone who is having no issues it is a massive waste of money.

Would I go private again – No, it was just too expensive for what we got and we had to wait for ages to see our doctor anyway.


Medical Tests and Ultra Sounds

Throughout the pregnancy my wife had to undergo a couple of different blood tests, glucose tolerance test and both a normal 2D ultrasound as well as a 4D ultrasound. Most of the blood tests were free, however everything else cost us money.

The glucose tolerance test was$140, the 2D ultrasound was $150 and the 4D ultrasounds were $250 a shot. We also had the option of doing a third 4D ultrasound towards the end of the pregnancy, but we decided to go against it as we didn’t have any problems with the pregnancy up to that point.

In case you are wondering what a 4D image looks like here is a video of one on YouTube


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