Have you ever thought about the costs involved with hiding or disguising your natural scent or body odor? It is one of those things that I have never really thought all that much about, but depending on how important a particular scent is to you, it may end up costing some significant money.


For instance, I know my wife wears plenty of different perfumes that she enjoys the smell of. I on the other hand have been less keen on a few of the smells, and have even been known to say that some of them smell like cat pee in a bottle… Still, the cost of these perfumes can vary to a huge degree.

Some scents will set you back a handful of dollars, while others can be many hundreds! It really can become an expensive exercise to maintain the illusion of smelling a certain way. Fortunately for us, my wife doesn’t go overboard with the stuff, and it tends to last a very long time – so the cost is actually quite small in our case. But some people really struggle to contain their spending on scents and will spend ridiculous amounts of money.

Masking body odor is something different again. No one likes being around someone that stinks of BO, so it is almost a necessity to purchase some form of deodorant to keep things in check. I personally buy antiperspirant deodorant to ensure that I don’t offend colleagues or passersby and it sets me back around $4 a month. I could spend less, but I like the smell, and it keeps me from stinking for the entire day, without the need to reapply.

I remember years ago I used to buy a particular deodorant that smelled great, but it only lasted around 4 hours before I had to reapply. For whatever reason it just couldn’t keep up with me and so it used to run out very quickly – hence it was not very cost effective. When looking for a new deodorant, I learned that there is actually quite a lot of different types of deodorants available, each providing very different levels of cover. If you don’t know much about it, then getting information like that provided on the rexona clinical reviews website may be of some assistance to you.



I would like to know your thoughts on perfume, deodorants and even body odor. Do you think it is a necessity / a public service to contain your body odor, or is it just another unnecessary purchase?