The key objective of an interview with a retail bank is to assess the applicant’s skills and abilities, his understanding of the role, interest in the banking sector and knowledge about the employer.


Aligning the right people to the right roles is the premise of maximising the benefits for both the employer and the employee. Finance professionals looking for a rewarding career in retail banking must exhibit a genuine hunger for outstanding customer service, a high spirited attitude and the ease of working with professionals across various backgrounds.

The recruitment process in the Retail banking sector in Asia is highly competitive. Recruiters in Singapore and most of the Asian countries will expect graduates to demonstrate real life experiences outside their formal education.

Here are a few interview tips that can help graduates get their fingers right on the pulse of their employer.

  • Creating the first impression: A well written application form and resume is the key to winning the first positive impression of your recruiter. Dress conservatively and remember extravagant body language is big no-no for interviews.
  • Keep your calm:What can be more drilling than being locked up in a room with bankers (for whom the world is just a large space of numbers, accounts and balance sheets) shooting murky questions and grilling you with banking basics that were probably learnt and forgotten long ago!  But the interviewee must remember that he or she is soon going to be one among them and therefore keep calm and poise.
  • Be very specific: One of the most common questions in banking interview is “Why did you choose our organisation?” The interviewee must think beyond hackneyed replies such as “reputed organisation”, “promising place for graduates”. Be very specific while answering the questions and showcase your confidence even if you are uncertain about your answers.
  • Speak up: Use every opportunity to express yourself to your recruiter. Talk about the current trends in the retail market and how you believe they are going to shape the global economy. Be open enough to communicate your queries about your employer or your role.
  • Understand and reflect:Before the interview read up on your employer, their expectations of the role and make sure your answers reflect the objective and business goals of your employer.

Gone are the days when interviews were strict one-on-one investigations! The key to cracking an interview in a banking sector is the ability to project oneself as a cognizant individual with a deep understanding of the industry and high levels of confidence and commitment.