I’ve been a big proponent for doing everything you can to save money – and I still am. Every dollar you can mange to save, no matter how big or small, can make a massive difference to your overall financial position.

My wife and I have learned how beneficial saving money can be first hand, it’s allowed us to do things like pay off our house really early and build a good nest egg, however, even the best penny pincher will hit a point in time where there just aren’t very many new ways to save money without becoming overly extreme about it.

Our family has pretty much hit that point. Sure there are still a few things I would like to be doing that we aren’t, but in reality we are doing very well when it comes to saving money. I suspect we have a slight advantage over most people, seeing as I write about finance and saving money on the internet, therefore I’m regularly thinking about various financial topics to write about.

This has resulted in my wife and I talking a lot more about investment opportunities instead of ways to save money over the last few months. It’s probably also had a lot to do with all the different things we have on the boil, and more specifically all the things I have been doing to get our Amazon FBA business up and running.

The main reason we have been talking about investing lately has been because we both want to realise our financial independence goals. It’s amazing to think that when I started this blog almost 3 years ago I was doing all I could to learn about saving money, which then morphed into a way to keep myself accountable with money and now we are heavily moving into investing for the future and eventually early retirement.

Unfortunately saving money isn’t going to be enough to me to realise my goal of being financially independent in the next couple of years. That means that we need to up the ante and really focus our energy on doing the things that are going to give us the best bang for our buck. This is going to be particularly challenging when we finally move house in the next few weeks and have to start tackling a new mortgage debt, but we’re up for the challenge.