How often do you think about your children’s future? I think about it all the time, always assuming that my son Nicholas and I will do this or that, and how we will enjoy so many activities together. I can’t help it, ever since becoming a parent my view of the world has changed completely. I no longer just think about myself, but I think about my son and what the future holds for him.

I didn’t choose to change, but I have, and I think it’s for the better. I now read articles like this and this, and once I would have read them without any type of reaction other than a “that really sucks”.

Now I read them and it causes quite an emotional response. I can’t help but put myself in the persons shoes and wonder just how I would react to an event like that. You would mull over all the things you might have done differently and how you hope to never be in a position like that. Honestly I hate reading about those types of stories, but I feel that every single one teaches me a valuable lesson, and that it helps me to become a better father.

Anyway one of those articles brings me to my main point, and that is that drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children under the age of 4 worldwide.


Living in Australia, many people have backyard swimming pools, and when the weather gets hot, lots of people spend the day in the pool, at lakes, rivers or the beach in their spare time. Most of the time we take our little ones with us and we all have a great day. However, what happens when you aren’t around and your little one ends up in the pool because they like the water, or because they just don’t know any different? I suspect all parents shudder at the thought and assume it won’t happen to them or their child.

So today I want you to watch the following videos (particularly if you have young children or if you are planning on having children). I want you to watch it to the end and then get back to me in the comments section of this post and tell me your thoughts on them.

My Thoughts – To be honest, I really struggled with watching these videos. I couldn’t help but picture my own son throughout the entire thing – It invoked an emotional reaction, and I was torn. In one instance I was wondering how they can distress a child like that (imagining my own child in place of the ones in the videos), but at the same time I was also seeing the obvious benefits a program like this can provide should something unexpected happen.

This video goes into more detail on how the child learns. It really is interesting, but I struggled throughout some parts of it, but it is better than the first video in appreciating just how much time and effort goes into achieving that result.

The people who offer the training are Infant Swim and I have no affiliation with them, I just really found this compelling to write about, particularly when I know so many other PF website owners have children around the same age as mine.

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