My wife and I made the most of a deal that was offered through work recently where we could all go to a local swimming park for only $12 for the entire family. We had a great day out, with my son really loving the water more than I expected him to.


Since that day my wife and I have been discussing putting my eldest boy into swimming lessons over the coming weeks. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a while, but for whatever reason it’s just been something we haven’t really explored in any detail.

So over the last week I have been phoning around various swimming training groups to see how best to proceed. It looks like in general the kids get to swim at least once per week and it will cost about $25 a lesson.

I mentioned that I wanted to have my son learn how to swim while I was at work recently and I discovered that there are a couple of people who refuse to go into the water because they don’t know how to swim. This was a bit shocking to me as growing up in Australia it almost feels as if everyone knows how to swim and it is something that every child should know how to do.

Anyway, this has got me thinking about all the other things that are likely to come up in the years ahead as my son grows and develops. There will likely be things like sport, music and a heap more things he will be interested in. So it’s important for me right now that I prepare financially for these activities so that he is able to participate and grow his abilities.


What do your children do as extracurricular activities? Does it cost much money?