I’ve always been someone that admires others ability to see opportunity in any situation, and the following article from TMZ that I read yesterday is no different. Now I know I spoke about Ebola the other day, and the general consensus among the people who commented was that they aren’t concerned. However, it seems that there are a lot of other people who ARE concerned. Concerned enough to go and stock up on anything that might give them even a sniff of surviving what could turn out to be one gigantic health crisis.

What the guy is doing is marketing a product called Ebola-C as a way to help fight Ebola. The product itself isn’t really what I am interested in (apparently it’s primarily vitamin C), what is interesting to me is just how much money he is making out of this outbreak.ebola

According to that article, he is selling boxes of this vitamin C product for $34.95 and he is selling about 14,000 a day. That means that he is turning over close to $500,000 a day. Now I have no idea how much his product costs, but I am sure that this guys is killing it financially.

Now as impressed as I am with how quickly he has scaled his business and how quickly things have taken off for him, I found reading the comments in the TMZ article even more interesting. Quite a lot of the people were attacking him for selling this product and calling for him to be infected with Ebola.

I personally feel that what he is doing is bordering on the shady side of ethics, but to be fair, he isn’t isn’t forcing people to buy his product. The only real issue I have with it is that it is marketed with the word Ebola in the title, giving the impression that it will help with Ebola. Overall though, I don’t see a massive issue with him operating his business and making the most of this very lucrative opportunity. A fool and his money are soon parted, or so the saying goes.



I am interested in your view – Is this type of business something you have an issue with, or are you OK with this person making the most of the current situation? Would you do it for the obviously massive amounts of money involved?