Hi everyone, today I have a guest post from Adam over at MoneyRebound.com. If you would like to guest post here, please drop me a line.

At some point in the lives of most people we are faced with an inevitable decision, ‘should we get a pet’?

It may be that you have a young child nagging at you day in and day out to get a puppy or a rabbit and you’re slowly being weakened, perhaps you have fallen in love with the idea of long walks out in the countryside throwing a stick back and forth to man’s best friend, or maybe – like in the film ‘Marley and Me’ – you are trying to avoid having children for a few more years and you think that a pet might buy you some time. 😉


My wife and I recently bought two rabbits for our young boys, not because they were nagging for them but because we really wanted them to have the fun of playing with them and I have to say that they have been a lovely addition to the family. They haven’t however been a cheap addition to the family! Now to be fair there are definitely more expensive pets out there that we could have bought but in the back of my mind I just didn’t think all that much about the financial cost of owning two little bunny rabbits. My wife has actually just started her own blog about it called Bunny on a Budget but here are a few of the costs we’ve incurred.


The Hutch

The whole idea of getting the bunnies first came up when we saw on Facebook that some friends of ours were giving away a free hutch. My wife had a couple of rabbits when she was a kid and she had always had the idea of getting one (or two) for our boys in the back of her mind, so when she saw the free hutch I think she realised that my list of potential objections suddenly got a lot smaller. In the end I agreed that the rabbits were a good idea and we went and picked up the hutch after finding two cute little bunny rabbits for sale locally. ‘A free hutch’ you say, ‘what are you whining about’?

Well what we didn’t realise until we picked the rabbits up is that their father was actually a GIANT bunny! Our two little fluff balls are now quickly outgrowing their free hutch and the cost of a bigger more suitable one isn’t all that cheap, £100+ for a decent sized one and it’s not a purchase that we can delay for long at the rate they are growing.


The Food and Hay

Then you have to feed them and keep them nourished. Again rabbit food isn’t the most expensive thing in the world but when you add in the extra and regular cost of hay, sawdust for the cage and treats for when they’re good, well it all adds up and although it’s not a huge expense it’s an expense nonetheless, one we didn’t used to have.


Pet Insurance

I also think that at some point I might have to consider some sort of pet insurance or at least put a little bit more into the emergency fund each month to offset any big veterinary bills we might get hit with. I always get a shock when people tell me how much they’ve had to pay to veterinary practices in the past.


Securing the Perimeter

I thought we were pretty much sorted in this regard as we have an enclosed yard at the back of our house, one that I didn’t think the rabbits would be able to escape from. It turns out we didn’t just buy any old rabbit though, we bought Super Rabbit! When we watched one of our rabbits jump onto a wall almost a metre high, well it shocked me to say the least. Again we had to do something fast so to keep costs down we decided to buy some planter boxes to raise the height of the wall rather than install a full fence. The flowers we planted do look nice and brighten the yard up a bit but again, it was another expense.

So is there any such thing as a cheap pet? Unless you’re going to make do with a gold fish then I’d say not, and even then you might want to expect the unexpected. 🙂


What do you think? Is there such a thing as a cheap pet?