I’m not a huge follower of American politics, however, even down here in Australia, it’s been hard to get away from all the news reports regarding Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump running for president. Normally when the US elections roll around it’s fairly easy to see which side has the “better” candidate and which team will end up winning on the day, but this time is different. I mean really America, is this the best 2 candidates you’ve got? 350 million people and one of these two clowns will be representing you’re entire country!

I’m not saying that politics over here is any better, in fact, it could be argued that since the Howard era Aussie politics has been in a complete shambles, akin to watching Days of our lives at some points, but during all our problems over these last few years the USA has always had a relatively stable head of state. I just don’t see it this time though – I find both of the candidates equally disagreeable, but for different reasons. It feels like it’s a race to the bottom, with the only options being a lose/lose for America.

One thing I do love about the USA system though is the fact that you all have a wonderful democracy that allows the citizens to choose who they want and if they want to participate. Over here we are forced to vote under threat of financial penalty and even jail time. I expect that no matter who comes out on top during this election, there will be a record number of people choosing not to vote due to being disillusioned with the system and the quality of the two primary candidates.