OK so this is really late and those of you that read my Friday post will know that this is highly likely the last one of these that I will publish on this website as I plan to move all blogging related posts to a new site. If you are interested in my blog stats then please leave me a message letting me know you would like to be given the URL of the new site when it is up and running.

I didn’t do very well on my goals in January, probably because I had a new baby to look after. Already I can feel like I am getting back into the swing of things so hopefully I can get back on track.

January Goals


Each month I set myself goals to help make sure my life is heading in the direction I want it to be heading.

Reviewing January


  • Post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday –Pass
  • Get to 500 Twitter followers –Pass
  • Get to 1,300 Facebook followers –Pass
  • Comment on other blogs at least twice per day – FAIL (I didn’t realise how time consuming a new baby was going to be and I completely dropped that ball on this one.)
  • Be an active member on a blog I don’t currently visit regularly – FAIL – I started January off well, but again the whole looking after bub took priority and some sites including the new ones fell off the radar.
  • Guest post on at least 1 site –Pass (Check it out here – A Personal Story:Chores and Money Lessons Growing Up)


  • Continue to track every bit of mine and my wife’s spending – HUGE FAIL – No excuses just lazy 🙁
  • Complete 15 levels in my mobile application – FAIL – I only managed 10.


  • Study for my MCSE upgrade certification at least 1 module a day. (This is a massive task, but hopefully I can get it done) – Half marks? (I did a bit, but not enough. I just have too much on at the moment and unfortunately this is the thing that fell off the back of the list.)
  • Survive being a first time dad… Pass I’m still here 🙂
  • Clean up my desk and the wardrobe FAIL – I did the desk, but the wardrobe is still terrible…
  • Get a spoon display case for my nan. FAIL – She wants a specific one and I can’t find any 🙁


Blog Stuff

In case anyone is interested in the numbers pertaining to my blog.

Alexa ranking

October ranking – 4,385,750
November ranking – 671,544
December ranking – 117,872

Start of January ranking – 117,872
End of January ranking – 92,521




Thank you to everyone that has followed me on twitter in this past month, you are all amazing!

October followers – 30
November followers – 138
December followers – 440

Start of January followers – 440
End of January followers – 521

Growth – 81 followers




October Likes – 0
November Likes – 1165
December Likes – 1131

Start of January – 1112
End of January Likes – 1334

Growth – 222




Thank you to those of you who have signed up for my email notifications.

October – 5
November -423
December – 476

Start of January subscribers – 521
End of January subscribers – 602

Growth – 81 subscribers


Site Statistics

I have been a little dubious over my sites stats lately and so I used 3 different monitoring applications to try and get a better indication of how busy my site is or isn’t.

The one that I have been using since day dot on this blog is the WordPress plugin StatPress. I have also had one from my host called Awstats installed and recently I included Google Analytics. Note: I have heard that Google Analytics doesn’t work properly with Cloudflare.


MPB Stats 2


MPB Stats


MPB Stats 4


Unique Visitors (StatPress)

September Unique visitors – 402
October Unique visitors – 3,051
November Unique visitors – 3,178
December Unique visitors – 4,871
January Unique visitors – 9,602

Growth – 4,731


Page Views (StatPress)

September Page Views – 2,416
October Page Views – 13,379
November Page Views – 14,929
December Page Views – 20,795
January Page Views – 37,267

Growth – 16,472


Searches (Awstats)

Interestingly Awstats shows every single search result that has hit my website so I have a fair degree of trust in it. StatPress only shows that last 500 and Google Analytics is missing many search terms that Awstats says I received.

September Searches – 17
October Searches – 32
November Searches – 167 (151 from Google)
December Searches – 966 (876 from Google)
January Searches – 2,919 (2819 from Google)

Growth – 1,953




I have no idea how much we spent as I stopped tracking and it looks like February is blown too as it’s already 11 days in…



As I took leave without pay in preparation for our son to be born I didn’t want to put any extra repayments into our loans as we had reduced income and unknown expenses. Therefore due to interest on the loan we slipped backwards 🙁 Fortunately we are miles ahead on our mortgage and so this small setback shouldn’t hurt us too badly in the long run.

Variable Loan

October debt reduction – $872
November debt reduction – $1,361
December debt reduction – $389

Principal at Debt at the start of January -$31,157
Principal at Debt at the end of January -$31,112

Debt reduction – $45

Fixed Loan

October debt reduction – $7,419
November debt reduction – $8,308
December debt reduction – $2542

Principal at Start of January – $79,300
Principal at End of January – $79,704

Debt increase- $404


You can keep track of my mortgage payment progress here – My Debt Progress (The graphs are starting to really look good, hover over the lines to see the dollar figures)


Mobile Application

I am really keen to get this released in the next 2 months, so as soon as the book is released I will be committing all my energy to this project. It is so close to being finished I really just need to make it a little more user friendly and I can start working on the next one.


February Goals


  • Post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Guest post on at least 1 site
  • Start a new website dedicated to all my money making ventures


  • Track every bit of mine and my wife’s spending
  • Complete the final 10 levels in my mobile application


  • Study for my MCSE upgrade certification
  • Clean the wardrobe
  • Start saving money for Nick.


2013 Goals Reminder

As this is the first goal post of 2013, I want to jot down some broad long term goals for the year.

  1. Publish the joint eBook
  2. Publish my mobile application on both the Apple Store and Google Play
  3. Start a savings account for our son
  4. Spend more time play games and enjoying life
  5. Donate more to charity (particularly cancer charities)
  6. Grow Monster Piggy Bank into an incredible resource for people looking for help with their finances
  7. Grow all of my other websites
  8. Get our total debt down to under $90,000
  9. Earn at least $5,000 in side income


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Thanks Glen