As many of you will be aware, I was recently made redundant at the company I had worked at for the last 12 years. It wasn’t really a surprise as the company is going through a fairly large downsizing, but it did allow me to consider my future a bit more closely.

I was seriously considering taking the redundancy money that was on offer and jumping ship. After all, they were offering me a lot of money to leave, I had other companies who were telling me that they were interested in my services, and I run my own business which generated almost $200,000 USD in revenue last year.

So considering all of that, why did I decide to apply for a different role at the same company and then ultimately accept the role when it was offered to me? The answer is probably a bit boring to most of you, but the main reason was that this new role was a really good fit for my skill set, and I am genuinely interested in helping the company do great things.

Sure the extra money they are going to pay me was good, but we didn’t really need the extra money as I was already on a pretty decent wage. Another major bonus for me was having the certainty to be able to continue hitting my own personal and business goals without having to worry about finding work with another company as this is where my true passion is.

So there you have it. I’m still part of the workforce, and despite missing out on the big pay day, i’m really happy with my decision and i’m extremely keen to get started in my new role on the 23rd of January. I’m sure there will be plenty of challenges along the way and hopefully it can add to an even bigger and better 2017.