This post is dedicated to the year that was, I hope you enjoy reading about the major points in my life that happened in 2012.


My 2012

I had without a doubt the most mixed year of my life this year. I had some spectacular highs and some pretty sobering lows. All in all though, it is these experiences which shape us throughout life, and without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Good or bad, life is what we make of it. We either accept it and try our best to enjoy the ride, or we fight against it and potentially miss the opportunities that life so generously presents us.

The Highs of 2012

I’ll start on a positive note – My 2012 Highlights include:

My yet to be born Son

My wife and I had a few issues conceiving early on, so when we found out she was pregnant it was a pretty joyous occasion. I can’t wait to meet the little man and hopefully everything goes well with him in the New Year.


Monster Piggy Bank Blog

One of my larger undertakings has been to get this blog off the ground. So far I have been very pleased with the progress, but it is taking a lot more time than I thought it would. Hopefully there are some people out there that I am helping by posting on this blog, but even if there isn’t, I have enjoyed being a part of the personal finance community and I feel like I am starting to really get to know a few of you.


My Noosa Holidays

I needed a holiday badly this year and our time away at Noosa was exactly what the doctor ordered. We stayed in the most magnificent beach house and even got to take Ricky along with us 🙂

Noosa  beach house


Huge Mortgage Pay down

My wife and I had another great year on the mortgage front, we paid off a staggering $70,046 (almost $8,500 more than last year). While I am over the moon about this financial achievement, I am cognisant of the fact that 2013 will not be anywhere near as stellar due to my wife taking the year off to look after our son. Essentially this means that she will not be brining in as much money as she does now, so we will be living primarily on my wage.

If you want to read more about it and stay updated then check out our progress here.



The Lows of 2012

There were plenty of lows though.

The passing of a dear friend

There was no bigger low to my year than losing a beloved friend to Melanoma. Even as I type this it still tears me up that she is no longer with us. Her name was Jessica (although most of us called her Jess) and she was possibly one of the kindest and smartest people I have ever met.

Finding out that you have stage 4 cancer is no easy thing to handle, especially when you are only 21 years old. Jess was so brave and dignified in how she handled it all. She was determined to make the most out of what time she had left, and I believe she did just that. She managed to travel to many destinations around the world and spend time with close friends and relatives right up until the end. Nine months after she found out she had cancer (in April of this year) she lost her battle at the age of 22.

My wife and I often talk about her and miss her dearly.


Losing my grandmother

My grandmother also passed away this year, she was in her 80’s and was suffering from an aggressive mouth cancer which was causing her a lot of pain.

While I am sad to no longer have my grandmother around, towards the end she wanted to go. So I am happy that she is no longer in pain even though that means we never get to see her again. Ever since my Grandfather passed away in 2011 her will to live was waning and so I think this was probably for the best.


My Dad

Just in case you got bored of all the cancer talk, we recently discovered that my father may have a re-occurrence of his prostate cancer. He had an operation to remove it last year and we thought he had beaten it after the first lots of tests came back really good.

Although a few weeks ago he had a PSA test which revealed a 0.01% level.  He is going for another test in a few months. Fingers crossed that everything comes back good.


Stevie the Budgie

Earlier in the year we had to put down our budgie Stevie. The poor thing had a tumour and the vet told me that the chances of survival were about 0-5%. Considering Stevie was on borrowed time when we collected him, I don’t feel so bad that we had to put him down. We had him for a few years and so at least he had that time with us.

Poor Stevie 🙁


Side Income Projects

I really dropped the ball on a lot of my side income projects. Fortunately since I started this blog I have regained a lot of my motivation and focus due to actively setting goals each month. So hopefully I can get right back on track with this in 2013.


Lost Love

Both of my brothers, my cousin and my brother in-law all had failed relationships this year. That meant that there were two broken marriages and two girlfriends less in our family unit. I think the split between my brother in-law and his wife was the hardest .They have 3 young kids together and so I feel really sorry for them not having their family unit together.

My youngest brothers break up was also fairly rough and I feel that it knocked him around a bit, but I feel like he is finally starting to get back on track a bit now. Hopefully he has a great 2013.


The Rest

Grey Hair

They say it happens to the best of us and well, I have a lot of grey hair starting to crop up on my head. It seems that I am no longer a dashing young lad, so I need to start migrating towards becoming a distinguished gentleman…



Did you have a good 2012? Any super highs or super lows that you are willing to share?