Everyday for the last week on my journey into work I have passed a guy sitting in his car with his high visibility work wear on. He has a sign out the front of his car that reads – “I need work. Qualified electrician, but will do anything”. It got me thinking about just how difficult the job market is at the moment and some of the more unusual ways in which people find employment.

I need work

If I was a potential employer I would like the amount of effort this man has gone to. He is obviously keen for any type of work, particularly as he is out promoting himself at about 6-6:30am when I drive past. Now obviously there are better ways to find a job than to sit on the side of the road with a sign, but I would have to assume that he has sent out his resume to recruiters and jumped on many of the local job agency websites.

I know that finding work at the moment is quite difficult, as my brother who came back from the UK has still been unable to secure full time employment, and I have also been having a look around and have found the general job market to be fairly slim pickings. Perhaps a lot of that is to do with the Christmas period, however, I would have expected that it should be picking up again around now as we are half way though January already.

So I have been left wondering – what unusual ways have you tried to get work? I am sure there are probably a heap of left field ways in which people have ended up landing a job, which aren’t through the traditional mechanisms.