Many of you will be aware that I have a number of different online ventures that I dabble in. Some of them have been going really well, while others seem to be taking their time to come to fruition. Any of you reading this that are website owners will be well aware of just how much traffic Google can send to your site. In short – Google can make or break the vast majority of websites, and unfortunately this is exactly what has happened to one of my niche sites.


One of my sites (not this one) has been doing really well lately. It is a site that is primarily monetized through the Amazon affiliate program and over the last 2 months it had been making close to $1,000 a month. How great is that right? Well unfortunately it seems like I have run afoul of Google and that particular site recently got him with what is known as a Google Panda penalty. Overnight pretty much every single on of my pages on that site disappeared from the front page of Google and unfortunately, so did my revenue.

I guess this demonstrates the dangers of doing business online and relying on only a single source of traffic. I am sure that once I work out exactly what Google doesn’t like about the site that I will be able to bring it back to its former glory, however until then I am left guessing at all the various different things that could have gone wrong.

While I am a little annoyed that my website got slapped, I am seeing this an an opportunity to become a little more robust with how I conduct my businesses online. Obviously Google is king when it comes to traffic, so I my next course of action will be to create at least 2 websites per topic that I find is profitable and try to rank them in different ways. This means that I will be far less likely to suffer a complete loss of traffic over night as each site will be completely independent of each other and so I will have far greater diversity.


My question to fellow website owners:

Have you been hit by one of Googles animals with any of your sites? Did it take you long to bring it back?