This last week I have been sick. My wife keeps calling it man flu, but now that I have passed this dreaded disease onto both her and my son, I think she sees it differently :p

The main thing that I wanted to talk about today is the benefits of having paid sick leave as opposed to not having any sick leave, like say doing contract work and having to take time off without pay to get well again.

Where I work you are allotted 10 days of sick leave a year, and having worked at the same place for the last 8 years, I currently have around 9 weeks of sick leave.

The thing that I don’t like about sick leave is that if you decide to finish at the company you do not get it paid out. Meaning that if you don’t use it you lose it, and some people take full advantage of that and take their sick leave as soon as they get it – sick or not. I don’t really like doing the whole “sickie” thing, but at the same time, I hate having so much leave which I know will go to waste whenever I move on from my current workplace.

I used to always go into work even when I was feeling sick, however now that I have so much leave I have decided that whenever I am sick I will make sure that I stay home. There is no point pushing yourself when you have the leave available, and no one is going to appreciate you getting them sick.

Anyway, I don’t really get sick all that often, but I can assure you that being sick this past week has reminded me just how much I like having paid sick leave available to me. Not only that, but where I work I am also able to take carers leave should someone in my immediate family require me to look after them. This is exactly what I did on Friday after I infected both my wife and son. I was starting to feel a little bit better, but they were both feeling terrible and neither had slept well the night before. Being able to take a paid day off to look after my little boy was really great and it is something that is really great about where I work.



Do you take time off when you are sick? Do you get paid for it?