On Friday my work colleagues and I went out for lunch to farewell a team member who is moving to a different area in the company. It is something that the team normally does whenever someone is leaving, but this time my boss wanted to pay for everyone. You are probably thinking – “Great, free lunch!” but in this instance the company wasn’t paying, my boss was. For some reason he decided that he was going to shout us all lunch instead of what normally happens with everyone paying their own way.Even if he decided just to shout the guy who was leaving that would have been OK, but the whole team meant that he was out of pocket around $50.

I personally prefer to pay for myself rather than do shouts or drink rounds as this way you only pay for what you want to eat / drink, whereas when you buy rounds for the group you tend to not only drink more than you normally would, but everyone else in the group is then obliged to shout at least one round.

I realise that everything is done with best intentions and to be nice and giving, but it makes me feel as if I am indebted to the person paying for the meal of drinks and it isn’t something that I am all that comfortable with.



I want to know if you are OK with shoutouts / buying rounds or if you are like me and would prefer just to pay for what you want and everyone else do the same.