Seriously, 2! I can’t believe that I have been doing this for 2 whole years now. In some ways I feel like I only just started, however, in other ways I feel like I have been doing this for ages.

To celebrate, my wife made me this lemon and honey cheesecake tart thing, which was waiting for me when I got home – how awesome is that!

Blog Birthday

Being that this is a milestone, I want to use this post to reflect on stuff that’s happened over the last 2 years.


What I have learned

I have learned so much since I first starting this website, and I continue to learn as I get to know more people and expand my reach into the online world. The key things I have learned though are summarized below:

  • Blogging is what you make of it. If you don’t put much into it, then you won’t get much out of it.
  • Blogging takes way more time than you could ever imagine. It isn’t as simple as writing a post or two a week – there is so much more than happens behind the scenes.
  • The first year of running a website is the most difficult.
  • Online success will only come if you make the effort to get to know others online and help each other out. Plus, it’s boring talking to yourself on your blog.
  • You can make good money online, despite what the naysayers will tell you. The amount of times I have had that conversation – oh god. Yet still people are trapped inside their little world of what they know, refusing to accept a different type of reality and lifestyle. Good luck to them – it’s not for me.
  • There are so many people that struggle with their finances. There isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t have someone contact me to ask questions or thank me for my content. It makes me feel amazing knowing that I am helping people and that they appreciate what I do.


The people that have helped me

First off I have to acknowledge my wife – Alexis. She supports me more than anyone else and is the invisible rock behind this (and many other) websites. I’m sure that many other blog owners will agree with me when I say that you need to have your partners full support if you are going to actually make a go of it online.

Online friends (sorry if I miss anyone) I have got to know so many people through this website, far more than those I have listed below, each of whom have helped me in some way or another over the last few years (in no particular order).

Other special mentions

  • My little boy Nicholas – I started this website when he was still in my wife’s belly. Ever since he came into our lives, succeeding online to allow me to spend more time with him has become paramount to me.
  • Michelle – (should also be in the list above) Reading her online income reports actually helped me more than I thought possible. I remember reading her blog and thinking – wow, she is earning so much money! I wish I could do earn more than $50 a month and be more like her. It turns out that you can, and even though I’m not making the same amount that she is, I am closing the gap in a hurry. Thanks for the motivation Michelle πŸ™‚
  • My employer – Not only do I get to work great hours so I can spend time online, but without them, I likely wouldn’t have the motivation I do.
  • Any naysayer I have ever met – Thanks for the motivation guys πŸ™‚ I could name names, but you know who you are.


Some Achievements over the last 2 years

  • The biggest thing that has happened is obviously the birth of my little boy. Considering I was someone who wasn’t all that sure I wanted children, I can no honestly say that I am a convert and that I love being a dad.
  • My wife and I accumulated enough wealth to pay off our house.
  • My wife quit her job to be a full time mum.
  • We are buying a new house.
  • We opened an online store that is going well.
  • I recently got a promotion at work.


What the future holds

If I knew what the future was then I wouldn’t need to work a day job, but I can make a few predictions.

  • I will continue trying to grow MPB.
  • I will focus on growing my other online interests.
  • My family will move into our new house.
  • I will hopefully make it to fincon one day and enjoy what the USA and Canada have to offer.


Anyway, I just want to say thank you to everyone who reads what I have to write and who has supported me over the years. I really do appreciate it and I am sure that I would have given up a long time ago with out you.