Even though our move has been delayed by a couple of weeks, we are still planning ahead and preparing for the eventual move. One of the things that was first on the list of things to work through, was if we were going to hire professional residential moving companies, or if we would do it ourselves?


When we moved into our existing house, we did everything ourselves. Obviously it was far more cost effective to move ourselves, but there were 2 major differences back then:

  1. We were a fair bit younger
  2. We had about half the stuff we have now

Since our last move we have purchased a pool table (which is full slate and very heavy), we have a heap of furniture, a child, my wife is pregnant (so she won’t be lifting anything) and my back is not as good as it used to be.

The pool table alone requires specialist movers, so we decided pretty early on that it would probably be best to hire someone to help us out. Particularly as we are moving into a double storey home, which means a lot of moving heavy things up stairs – not really something I’m all that keen on doing.

So the next step for us is to get quotes from movers. Most of the ones I have seen on online work in teams of 2 or 3 people and charge by the hour. In order to minimise our costs, we have decided we will pack everything ready to go and then hopefully the moving company will only need a couple of hours to get the work done. That would mean that we should only be our of pocket a few hundred dollars, and I will not risk damaging my back any further, which will allow me to do a whole host of other things around the house once we move in.