I started my long service leave away from work this week. So far I haven’t been as productive as I would have liked yet, but I am starting to improve. Each morning I dedicate a couple of hours to study so that I am ready to take my MCSE exam soon. It is a large amount of study and I am finding it to be very laborious. My main goal is to get as much study done before Vanilla Bean arrives, so at least I am doing well in that regard.

One of my friends posted this video on Facebook today.

I realise that it is old, but I hadn’t seen it before. I had a good laugh at it, but then wondered how someone like this gets through their day to life? Surely she isn’t for real? What do you guys think?


Posts This Week

This week I had 3 posts this week

  1. The first was my post that reviews the highs and lows of 2012
  2. The second was a $100 Giveaway title Get Smarter About Money In 6 Steps
  3. The last was my December 2012 Goal Review.


Welcome to the Pool Room

Time for the Pool Room and I have only 1 entry this week because I feel it is exceptionally important.

In case you don’t know what the pool room is, I explain it in this post.

1st Place1st place this week goes to funancials.biz with the following post about Putting the Senate’s Fiscal Proposal into Perspective. As many of you will be aware, the US continues to max out it’s credit card at the expense of the American tax payer and about the next 10 generations of tax payers. This post does a good job of showing how far the savings are really going.

This video (a little bit dated now) does an excellent job also. It is a parody on the US debt situation/crisis and is well worth watching.

I can’t help but think that many people probably think the same way as the guy in this video. I’m almost certain that the woman who can’t understand basic maths in the first video, probably wouldn’t be able to see the problem with selling her children’s future down the drain.

And while I’m on a role, the following videos/websites will also likely tickle your funny bone if you enjoyed the previous one.

The first is an Australia comedy duo who tackle the big issues with their own brand of satire.

This one is of Mr Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party telling it how it really is. You just couldn’t make this stuff up!

Finally my favourite website for showing just how real the problem is Demonocracy. They recently put together a video showing the US National Debt. It almost brings a tear to your eye seeing all that debt surrounding The Statue of Liberty.

If you think that’s bad you would be right, but the global derivatives casino market is significantly worse! See below also taken from Demonocracy.

An info graphic of the 9 Biggest Banks’ Derivative Exposure – $228.72 Trillion. (That small thing in front of the White House and the truck is a man standing next to $100 million dollars)
Bank Derivative Exposure - Too big to fail (TBTF)

Puts things into perspective a little bit doesn’t it…

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