We had some crazy weather last weekend and apparently there was a tornado at one of the beaches that my wife and I regularly go to that is about an hour down the road. The winds blew over a heap of trees and caused wide spread rain which caused loads of flooding across the state. Pretty crazy stuff.

Fortunately the worst of it for us was a sideways tree in our front yard and a very soggy (and a bit stinky) backyard.

Storm Damage

The storm blew our tree sideways.


I want to thank everyone for getting their eBook topics in to me on time. I appreciate the amount of time and effort that everyone has put into for this and I hope we can really make a difference in some peoples lives with the content we have produced.


Things have been getting crazy busy here at MPB. I am receiving offers left right and center at the moment and am spending almost an hour each day responding to emails. Does anyone have any tips for dealing with this efficiently? I am thinking of hiring someone as a virtual assistant, but I am not sure how well it would go.


Posts This Week

This week I had 2 posts this week

  1. The first was a post titled How to Assess a Prospective New Home for Risk of Bushfires before Buying
  2. The second post was a big one that good a lot of good feedback called How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby?


Welcome to the Pool Room

Time for the Pool Room!
I seem to finally be getting into the swing of being a dad a bit better now and so I have been able to enjoy being more active with commenting on other PF sites this last week. Also I’m breaking my own less than 5 posts rule this week as there were just too many good posts and I have to share them with you – I promise they are all worth it.

In case you don’t know what the pool room is, I explain it in this post.

1st Place1st place this week goes to Ready For Zero with How to Get Out of Debt. I’m not going to say anything about this post other than that it is an absolutely amazing post and everyone needs to check it out!


2nd Place2nd place this week goes to Sicorra at Tacking our Debt with her post 69 Fantastic Ways to Make Money. I think Sicorra has been entered into the pool room more than any other person so far and it is because she keeps posting these amazing articles. I honestly almost put this at number one this week and any other week it probably would have been number one. So go take a look at all the different ways you can make money.


3rd Place3rd place was a post over at The Money Principle with Dealing with debt: seven steps to debt busting. I though this post included a lot of information that could help someone out if they found themselves stuck in debt. It is a great post to compliment the one from Ready For Zero and between the two posts there should be no excuses for not destroying that debt.


The other posts that I really want to share with you are:

Nuts and Bolts of Living on One Income (couplemoney.com)- This post was topical for me at the moment seeing as our income has dropped significantly since my wife stopped working.

How To Pay Little To No Taxes For The Rest Of Your Life (financialsamurai.com) – I hate paying taxes and I also really hate the way governments squander our tax dollars and so I really liked this post about how you can minimize the amount of tax you pay.

Reformed Spenders Adjust to Life on a Budget (eyesonthedollar.com) – Kim has another outstanding post this week (this time on her blog – if you missed her guest post last week check it out – Financial Plans to Make Before Marriage). Her post reminded me of how my wife and I started out about 5 years ago and how we worked out a budget and included was our own spending money.


Congratulations to this weeks winners – I hope everyone enjoys the posts mentioned above as much as I did.

For next week – If you think you have a top post and you want to make sure I see it, be sure to leave a comment somewhere on my blog and include the link in the Comment Luv section. I make sure I check every blog owners page if they have left a comment on my blog, so that’s a sure fire way to ensure I see your blog post.