Where did this week go? It feels like just yesterday I had my inaugural MPB – Pool Room Posts #1.

I only did the 1 finance related post this week in regards to the 70 million Oz Lotto draw, I want to try and do at least 2 finance related posts per week, but with the end of the month happening I really felt as if an October blog related update was in order.

In case you are interested in a follow up to my lotto post – no one won! The 70 million Oz Lotto jackpotted again, this time it’s up to 100 million dollars. After reading all the comments on my earlier post, I was almost tempted to go in on the work syndicate yesterday. Fortunately all the slots go filled early, so the temptation was removed. Apparently one in 3 Australian’s entered into the lotto and there were 7,000 tickets being registered every minute in the hours leading up to the draw.

Talking about gambling, the biggest horse race in Australia (The race that stops the nation – The Melbourne Cup) is on in 4 days time, which is the same day as the record breaking 100 million lotto draw. There is going to be some serious gambling happening on Tuesday!


Welcome to the Pool Room

In case you don’t know what the pool room is, I explain it in this post.

1st Place1st Place this week goes to Marie at Prairie Eco-Thrifter. She wrote a really heartfelt article (7 Steps To Homelessness And What To Do If You Get There) regarding a friend of hers who is going through a really rough time. Marie details some of the things which can easily spiral out of control and lead to people becoming homeless.


2nd Place

2nd Place goes to My Money Design for the article titled (SCARY Retirement Statistics – Don’t Let Lack of Planning Haunt You!). Some of the stats are truly amazing (not in a good way either). This one particularly shocked me – Average savings of a 50 year old: $43,797


3rd Place

3rd Place goes to Holly at Club Thrifty for the post titled (My Escape from the “Toxic Employee from HELL”). I think we all know someone who is a little slack at work and Holly is no different. I don’t know the woman in Holly’s story, but I felt like I did by the end of the post – and I wasn’t thinking warm fuzzy thoughts either!


Congratulations to this weeks winners – I hope everyone enjoys the posts mentioned above as much as I did.


For next week – If you think you have a top post and you want to make sure I see it, be sure to leave a comment somewhere on my blog and include the link in the Comment Luv section. I make sure I check every blog owners page if they have left a comment on my blog, so that’s a sure fire way to ensure I see your blog post.


Until next time, have a great weekend all 🙂