This week seemed to be a bit more my pace, as I managed to achieve a few things on my list of goals for November – so I’m pretty chuffed about that! I did however note that I am nowhere near the Twitter or Facebook membership numbers that I wanted to be at, so please consider helping me out if you can 🙂

I was a little naughty this week – I bought a new Cannon EOS 650 DSLR camera.

My justification was that I needed a new camera for when the baby arrives. I’m not going to lie – I’m pretty excited about it! I’ve always liked photography, but I have never splashed out on a proper camera or lens to really immerse myself in it.

While I am talking about things baby related, on Saturday last week my wife and I went to our first antenatal class. Well, wasn’t that an experience… I think everyone in the class simultaneously realised exactly what the class was going to be about, when within 5 minutes of sitting down I was watching a baby push his way out of his mothers cha cha. Let me just say that after watching that, I am glad I’m not a woman!

In other news – I am rounding up the personal finance troops to help me write a collaborative e-book. It’s all pretty exciting! I think it’s going to be a roaring success. I have also been pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest being shown by bloggers in the personal finance community. Things started off slowly, but then today I had heaps of people email me showing interest. The take up has been so good that I will have to close nominations soon. So if you haven’t contacted me yet, I suspect you don’t have much longer left until I fill the remaining slots.

Over the next week or two I will have a few guest posts on the blog, so keep an eye out for them. I am hoping the extra free time will allow me to get cracking on finishing off the rest of my November goals and also allow me to organise a few more details surrounding the e-book.


Welcome to the Pool Room

In case you don’t know what the pool room is, I explain it in this post.

1st Place1st Place goes to Mr.CBB at Canadian Budget Binder titled (My Best Financial Tip).  This post contains a combination of posts that Mr.CBB has put together over his time as a personal finance blogger. It really has some great tips, but you will need to get your cup of coffee ready prior to reading them all as you will be engrossed in it for a while.


2nd Place

2nd Place this week goes to Greg at Club Thrifty with this post (The Amazing Power of Debt). I thought that this post really captured the main things that are wrong with accumulating debt. I also felt that Greg and I share a very similar view on the topic and that everyone should be made aware of just how serious a problem it can be.


3rd Place

3rd Place goes to Lauren at L Bee and the Money Tree titled (Three Things My Mother Taught me About Personal Finance). I really enjoyed this post as it reminded me of my own parents and how much they taught me about finance when I was growing up.


4th PlaceAnother 4th place this week for Kim at Eyes on the Dollar with her post (Obesity in America: What It Costs Us). I found some of the stats in this post amazing and also a little frightening. It is hard to believe that so many people have slipped into obesity and either can’t or won’t return to a healthy weight.


Congratulations to this weeks winners – I hope everyone enjoys the posts mentioned above as much as I did.


For next week – If you think you have a top post and you want to make sure I see it, be sure to leave a comment somewhere on my blog and include the link in the Comment Luv section. I make sure I check every blog owners page if they have left a comment on my blog, so that’s a sure fire way to ensure I see your blog post.


Wish me luck at the next antenatal class tomorrow! Until next time, have a great weekend all 🙂