This week started off with a bang with my first ever guest post about Preparing Financially for a Baby. Technically it was a blog swap, but still it was all very exciting and I would like to thank Pauline for the opportunity.

If you remember from last week I said that I purchased a new camera. Well it finally arrived in the post this week and so I have been going a little crazy taking photos. So I thought I might share some of them with you as I update you on a few things.

Veggie Garden Update

The garden has really started to take off – particularly the corn – it’s about 75cm (2.5 feet) high!


I have also recently seen our first tomato starting to grow.

First Tomato

The first tomato

When I told someone at work that I was growing my own fruit and veggies, he told me about his super prolific tomato bush, which he picked over 40 tomatoes off in the last few weeks. He gave me 2 of them and I have harvested 1 for its seeds.

Within days of planting the seeds, this is what I had:

Tomato Seedlings

Tomato seedlings


E-Book Update

The response to the e-book has been fantastic. I have had some really great bloggers contact me wanting to take part 🙂

I currently have enough numbers for things to be able to progress, but I am still looking for 1 more person to help with the e-book. If you or someone you know is interested, please let me know soon. I really want to get this project started ASAP!



This portion of the update is for Jennifer (AKA Broke Ass Mommy). The reason for this is because I forgot to include Ricky in my last house building post. Sorry Jenna, I hope these photos make amends for my forgetfulness.

Ricky Licky

My wife loves this photo – She says that it perfectly captures his personality. (He likes to lick furiously)

Ricky Playing

If you ever get a Staffy you need one of these toys! They are the only ones that last and he loves it.

Ricky the poser

Just chilling



Welcome to the Pool Room

Time for the pool room!

In case you don’t know what the pool room is, I explain it in this post.

1st Place1st Place goes to Richard for his guest post on Modest Money titled Great Ideas For Simple Living. I found that this post had a heap of really simple ways to save money and most of them would be applicable to everyone. So go check it out!


2nd Place

2nd Place this week goes to Daisy at Add Vodka titled How to Juggle it All – Tips from an Overachiever. This was yet another brilliant post by Daisy. I found that it had a number of really good tips for those people who need to manage their time a bit better.

3rd Place

3rd Place goes to Jason at Frugal Habits with his post titled Interesting Facts about the 1st Thanksgiving. I loved this post! It was really informative and well researched. I learned heaps of things about Thanksgiving that I had no idea about.


Congratulations to this weeks winners – I hope everyone enjoys the posts mentioned above as much as I did.

For next week – If you think you have a top post and you want to make sure I see it, be sure to leave a comment somewhere on my blog and include the link in the Comment Luv section. I make sure I check every blog owners page if they have left a comment on my blog, so that’s a sure fire way to ensure I see your blog post.


Finally, my wife has her baby shower tomorrow and I made meringues for the occasion – I’ll probably do a post on them next week. Until next time, have a great weekend everyone 🙂