It’s almost the end of another month, which means that next week I will have a goal update post coming your way – just a heads up, I’m pretty sure that my performance this month is not as stellar as last month 🙁

As it is the end of November, this is your last day to contact me regarding the e-book opportunity. So if you haven’t done contacted me yet or if you are sitting on the fence, please let me know ASAP. I’m still waiting on 1 more blogger to join with us – it could be you…

My wife had her baby shower last weekend and boy did we collect a lot of stuff.

Check out our pool table –

Baby Shower

Work is starting to get a little hectic with only a couple of weeks left before I go on leave. I’m finding that my time is being eaten up with so much mundane crap that I never seem to get to focus on the important stuff.


Blog Spam

Does anyone have any good tips on stopping comment spam? I am getting an inordinate amount of comments with links to squidoo that are obviously spammy. I’m also getting about 5 requests a day from people wanting me to promote a range of different products. Does anyone else get these emails? I honestly don’t know how many are spam and how many are real? At this stage I haven’t responded to any, mainly because I don’t want to advertise anything on my blog that I don’t know anything about, I guess it’s an part an ethics thing and part that I don’t want to lend my name to a shoddy product.


My Posts

I had 3 posts this week (excluding this one). If you haven’t read them yet I can honestly say that I feel you are missing out 🙂


Welcome to the Pool Room

Time for the pool room!

In case you don’t know what the pool room is, I explain it in this post.

1st Place1st Place goes to Sicorra at Tacking our Debt with this post about Evaluating your life as it stands today. I really liked this post and it was a clear standout for this week. Sicorra runs through a list of questions that will help you evaluate your own life – it’s well worth the read.

2nd Place

2nd Place this week goes to Joe at The Free Financial Advisor with his post titled Can’t Save? Write It Out, Bitches!. I really enjoyed how Joe goes about working out where people can save money. He provides a great example of how people can easily save money just by visualizing their finances and taking an objective look at things.

3rd Place3rd Place goes to Catherine at Plunged in Debt with her post titled The Last Bobby Pin Effect. Catherine compares how she keeps losing bobby pins to how you should be keeping track of every dollar you spend no matter how small an amount it is.


Congratulations to this weeks winners – I hope everyone enjoys the posts mentioned above as much as I did.

For next week – If you think you have a top post and you want to make sure I see it, be sure to leave a comment somewhere on my blog and include the link in the Comment Luv section. I make sure I check every blog owners page if they have left a comment on my blog, so that’s a sure fire way to ensure I see your blog post.


I have a free weekend this week so there should be a good amount of cricket watching going on 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone!