My son is going to experience yet another milestone this week – he is going to kindergarten for the first time without his Mum. It’s great to see him grow up and get to experience new things, and my wife and I are sure he’s going to love it – but i’m not so sure how well we will go.

Before we had our first born we decided that my wife would stay home with the kids and I would continue to work. The plan was to pay off the mortgage (or get it seriously under control) so that she could be a full time carer for our children. When the kids were at school, then she would go back to work as there would be no need for her to stay at home anymore.

That plan has worked out really well so far and i’m really glad that my kids have benefited from having their mother home full time to look after them, but one thing we failed to really consider was our our sons social interactions and development in that space. He only really gets to play with a handful of other kids (playgroup, cousins and another child from his swimming lessons) and we feel that this is limiting his social skills.

So we decided that the best course of action would be to enroll him in a kindy part time (5 days a fortnight) as this would better prepare him for school and allow him to engage with other children his own age without his parents being there.

The only real downside to this plan is that it costs money for him to go, and the whole idea was that we wouldn’t need to send him to a care facility as my wife would be looking after him. So hopefully he does benefit from the extra social interactions.