I haven’t spoken about this before, but last year I started having stomach pains with semi regular bouts of gastro – I know, thanks for the over share Glen.

I wanted to tell you guys this because those symptoms aren’t normal, and by going to the doctor when I did, I may have kept myself alive for far longer than if I hadn’t.

Initially I didn’t know what to make of it. I thought I may have just had some stomach bug or something, but as time went on, things only got worse. Eventually I went to the doctor, and he told me that I should probably get a endoscopy and a colonoscopy – so I did.


It turned out that the colonoscopy found a couple of clusters of polyps in my bowel. This is fairly common for older people, but less common people my age. The doctor removed them all and had them tested, they all came back a non cancerous – phew, but he did tell me they were a type of polyp that has a very high chance of turning into cancer within only a few years, and that they also had a very high reoccurrence rate.

So now I have bi yearly checkups with this doctor to have colonoscopies, this is to ensure that I remain polyp (and ultimately cancer) free. In a way I’m glad that everything happened the way it did, because the polyps weren’t what was causing my stomach issues, but without the issues, I never would have had a checkup. Without the checkup, there was a good chance that before I turned 35 I would have had cancer, or worse.

The second doctor that I saw about my gastro issues told me that he was sure I had food intolerances and that I should go on an elimination diet. He was right, I have a reaction to lactose and we also think coffee. Imagine if I had gotten this doctor the first time. I would still have the precancerous polyps, and be none the wiser.

So my message is this – get yourself checked out, sometimes you will get lucky like I did, other times you might not, but if you think something’s wrong with you, make sure you go and get it checked out. Your health is so important that you really can’t afford to not stay on top of it.