It finally happened, my role at my 9 to 5 job was made redundant and so now I have to work out what happens next? I’m pretty lucky actually, the company I work for is very generous when it comes to how they treat employees who no longer have a job. Let’s go through it:

1 – Leave the company

The most obvious option I have available to me is to leave the company. They will provide me 3 weeks per year of service, and as I have been working there for 12 years, that’s a lot of weeks of service.


  • I will leave with about 1.3 years of pay after tax.
  • That’s a huge amount of money to help pay off the mortgage and expand our business


  • I’m unlikely to find another job that pays as well as I have now.
  • The conditions where I work are great (I can set my own hours as an example).
  • It’s close to home, so I don’t travel as much as I could working elsewhere.


2 – Apply for other roles at the company

Another option I have is to apply for other roles at the company. My role combined with another persons role are being merged, so I can apply for that role and have a fairly good chance to success. My managers role is in a similar situation, and so I am also eligible to apply for that as well.


  • I know exactly what I need to do if I stick around.
  • I like the people I get to work with.
  • Keep the great conditions and pay.


  • No real change (this could also be a positive, but I tend to prefer change over the status quo).
  • No big payday if I land a job.


3 – Career Management

The company also provides a 3rd option, where I can exist in a career management group. This is a subset of the company which is put in place to assist displaced people find work either within the company or external to the company. However, if they find you work that suits your skill set, you have to apply for the role, and if you are accepted, you must take it, or you do not get your redundancy payment.


  • Get paid until I find another job.
  • Still get a big pay day when I leave.


  • I could end up doing something I hate.
  • My sanity may leave me if I stay for too long.
  • No job satisfaction.


So there you have it. That’s the situation I am facing. As I said at the start, it could be a lot worse, this company is very good to its employees. I need to have made a decision by the end of January, so I have a bit of time to think about it, but really either option 1 or 2 sounds great to me, there isn’t really a bad option.


What do you think?