Today’s post is a little bit of an FYI – our little boy is scheduled for arrival on the 14th (note: I’m writing this post on the 1st of December so he may have already graced us with his presence) and so I wanted to take this opportunity to both tell everyone that it’s highly likely I might be MIA over the next couple of weeks due to our bub, and to also wish all the people who frequent my blog a happy festive season and a successful 2016.

Hopefully i’ll be finding time to update here before the end of the month, but I thought I would post this just in case.

I thought it might also be a good time to remind people to start thinking about their goals for the next year. Even if you aren’t a goal person, just give it a try, you’ll be surprised just how productive you can be when you set goals which have meaning to you.

I also find that having an image to focus on also helps me more than just words on a page. I’ve already found one of my images for 2016, and i’ll share it here with you here:

Amazon FBA Earnings


2016 will be the year of Amazon FBA for me, and this image is from a woman who started who journey only 6 months ago and is now making $7,000 a day. Now obviously not all of that is profit, but she said the profit is around 45%…


So whatever it is that gets you motivated, make sure you identify it and work towards your goals. And remember, if there is something I can do to help you, please just ask.