A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was practicing for an interview for a higher grade position at the company where I work. Well it turns out that i must have practiced reasonably well because I managed to land the role. I am now a team leader of a small team of 7 people (soon to be 8 if I can get someone to approve me to start hiring for my old position).

It is a little bit different walking into work everyday now that I know I am responsible for a teams output. Previously I only had to worry about what I was doing, and having been in the role for quite a while I pretty much knew everything that was expected of me and there wasn’t ever really any big challenges day to day.

So now that I am in this management position, I actually find myself a little reinvigorated, I don’t detest the thought of going to work any longer, and I find that I am a lot happier overall as a person.

Having said all that – There are quite a lot of new responsibilities and accountabilities resting squarely on my shoulders. I am now responsible for the output of the team and unfortunately I am in a situation where I don’t actually understand all the skills or capabilities of everyone in the team, as a few new members have been shifted across under my leadership. Essentially this means that I  have some work to do in the short term so that I can properly support the guys that will be looking to me for guidance and direction.

Probably the only negative that has come from accepting the new position is that I now work 10 days a fortnight, whereas before I used to only work 9. I really had to have a long think about whether or now I was going to accept that position as I didn’t want to miss out on all that extra time with my son. In the end I decided that the role required someone to be there 10 days a fortnight and that the substantial pay rise would ultimately lead to me being able to retire a lot earlier and ultimately be able to spend more time with my son then.

It isn’t ideal being away from my wife and son, however with all my recent recruitment of freelance people on the internet to help with all my side income ventures, I find that I have a little more time each night to spend with my little man and so things have probably evened back out again.It also helps the family unit quite a bit considering my wife is a stay at home mum for the foreseeable future and we have been living off a single wages for a while.

Hopefully I ended up making the correct decision – only time will tell I guess.