It’s time once again for another monthly goal update. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost Christmas time and that my wife officially starts her year away from work at the end of this week.

November Goals


Each month I set myself goals to help make sure my life is heading in the direction I want it to be heading.



Set up Feed burner RSSPASS

I had a few people asking my about RSS feeds so adding this was a no brainer – Check it out


Post at least twice per week – PASS

I think I have finally found my groove when it comes to regularly posting. You can expect posts from me on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and a weekly wrap up on Friday each week.

Occasionally I might post more regularly than this, but I would rather keep doing a couple of quality posts each week than trying to pump out 5 small posts of a limited quality a week.


Get to 210 Twitter followers – FAIL

I was pretty slack when it came to social media this month. I tweeted a lot of other peoples posts, but I didn’t really go looking for any new people to follow.


Get to 1,200 Facebook followersFAIL

Not only did I not get to 1,200 followers, I actually managed to lose Facebook fans. I attribute this mainly to the giveaway which I held last month. Many of the people who followed me would have only been interested in the giveaway and therefore it isn’t really a surprise that some people have decided to move on.


Update my Personal Finance Links pagePASS

If I have missed your blog and you notice that I regularly comment on your site, please shoot me an email so I can add your site to the list.


Comment on other blogs at least twice per day – half PASS

I think there was 1 day where I forgot to comment on any other blogs. So i’m going to give myself part marks for this.



Track every bit of mine and my wife’s spendingPASS

It was good to get back into the habit of monitoring all of our expenses. I forgot how quickly all the little things can add up. I want to continue with this for next month as already I feel as if we are saving money just because I know it has to go into the tracker. I guess you could say that I am making myself accountable for my spending.


Complete at least 10 levels in my mobile applicationPASS

The mobile application is coming along really well. I not only finished the expected 10 levels this month, but I also included a lot of cool little extras which my wife suggested I include.



Blog Stuff

In case anyone is interested in the numbers pertaining to my blog.

Alexa ranking

October ranking – 4,385,750
Start of November ranking – 671,544
End of November ranking – 210,586

I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t break the 200k mark, but I’m fairly sure that I will within the coming days. I’m not convinced that this is an accurate measure of my sites popularity as many personal finance bloggers install the Alexa toolbar and so that has to be inflating my ranking.




Thank you to everyone that has followed me on twitter in this past month, you are all amazing!

October followers – 30
Start of November followers – 138
End of November followers – 177

Growth – 39 followers




October Likes – 0
Start of November – 1165
End of November Likes – 1131

Reduction of 34 Likes

As I said earlier, I’m not surprised by this reduction in the number of Facbook likes. I assume that things should start to pick up again in the coming months as most of the people that were only interested in the giveaway start to disappear.




Thank you to those of you who have signed up for my email notifications.

October – 5
Start of November subscribers – 423
End of November subscribers – 476

Growth – 53 subscribers

This was a really surprising result actually.I thought that I would only gain 5-10 new subscribers so this result is excellent! I truly appreciate everyone that signs up to my website and I hope that you all are enjoying the content that I produce.


Site Statistics

Unique Visitors

This result was expected due to the giveaway in October. I had a huge influx of traffic that month, so I expect December to be closer to the 4,000-4,500 mark.

September Unique visitors – 402
October Unique visitors – 3,051
November Unique visitors – 3,178

Growth – 127


Page Views

September Page views – 2,416
October Page views – 13,379
November Page Views – 14,929

Growth – 913



The number of searches that I received went berserk this month compared to previous months.

September Searches – 17
October Searches – 32
November Searches – 167 (151 from Google)

Growth – 135

Despite December being only a couple of days old, I have already received 36 searches. So I expect December to totally eclipse November for search results.

My most popular page this month in terms of garnering search traffic was my Setting SMART Goals post that I did back in September when hardly anybody read my blog. I personally believe this is probably the best post on my site, so I am glad it is getting some good traffic.



After last months crazy amount of spending, my wife and I started tacking every single item of our spending in an attempt to reign it in. Seeing as last month we were on holiday, it was just way too easy to spend money while we were not at work.

For the month of November we spent $2,682.05 (excluding our mortgage repayments)



We did good with our mortgage repayments this month, which is good seeing as our income is going to be much reduced when my wife stops work in a week. Things are certainly getting easier now that we aren’t paying so much interest on the principal.

Variable Loan

October debt reduction – $872

Debt at the start of  November -$32,907
Debt at the end of  November -$31,546

November debt reduction – $1,361

Fixed Loan

October debt reduction – $7,419

Start of November – $90,150
End of November – $81,842

November debt reduction – $8,308


You can keep track of my mortgage payment progress here – My Debt Progress (The graph is starting to really look good on the second loan, hover over the lines to see the dollar figures)



Baby Boy

We have only got another 1 month and 1 week until Vanilla Bean is due. My wife is starting to look heavily pregnant and the heat is really starting to annoy her (it’s summer here). She keeps saying that if we decide to have another child that it will be a winter baby. She is also finding that her feet are getting very sore if she stands for too long, so I have been trying to take on a bit more of the house work to help out.

It is getting to the point now that when she gets home from work she is so exhausted that she has to have an afternoon sleep to recover her energy. Fortunately she finishes work at the end of this week so she will be able to rest whenever she wants to.

We also had the baby shower last weekend and so now I think we have everything that we need (with the exception of a mattress for the cot).


Mobile Application

The mobile application really got a wriggle on this month and things are coming along nicely. I want to have it completed early in 2013 and so I will need to continue setting aggressive goals if I am going to meet this date.


December Goals


  • Post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Get to 210 Twitter followers
  • Get to 1,200 Facebook followers
  • Comment on other blogs at least twice per day
  • Be an active member on a blog I don’t currently visit regularly
  • Find a way to start monetizing my site


  • Continue to track every bit of mine and my wife’s spending
  • Complete another 10 levels in my mobile application


  • Finalise topics for everyone involved in the e-book
  • Start and finish Christmas shopping for Mum and Dad
  • Start studying for my MCSE upgrade certification
  • Learn how to use my new camera like a pro before the baby arrives

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Thanks Glen