By now I am sure you are aware that Adam Shepard has a new out book called One Year Lived. In case you have missed all the reviews going around – the book is a story about the last year of Adam’s life where he traveled through 17 countries and spent a total of less than $20,000.

One Year LivedI’ll start off my stating that I haven’t read the book in its entirety, but I have read the first couple of chapters, and thus far it has been a very interesting read. For me personally, this book has been a timely reminder of all the things that life has to offer outside of the current 9 to 5 work life that most of use currently live.

What I have enjoyed most about one year lived so far, is all the money saving ideas that Adam discusses throughout the book. First off – it took Adam two years to save for his trip, plus as he travels from country to country you will get to hear about all the other small things that Adam was able to do to minimize his expenses. When you read through the book, you will realise that Adam wasn’t exactly staying 5 star luxury accommodation, but I think that’s the point. You see you don’t need a lot of money to enjoy life, or go traveling, you just need to know your budget and live within your means.

I really like that Adam planned ahead before he decided to jump into this trip. In part of the book he goes on to tell you about how he was trying to get from Costa Rica to New Zealand and that the cost of the plane flight was going to be $1,604. He kept checking the flight prices for weeks, hoping to find a cheap flight, but alas it seemed that he was out of luck. Costa Rica wasn’t a major flight hub and so flights were always going to be a little more expensive. When he was pretty much ready to concede defeat and just book the flight, he had an idea to look at other adjoining flights from larger airports. It turned out to be a great idea and he ended up getting to New Zealand by flying from San Jose to Los Angeles, over to Fiji and then down to New Zealand. The whole thing cost him an extra few hours in travel time, but it saved him almost half of the money that it would have cost him by flying directly from San Jose to New Zealand.

Another thing that Adam mentions is that he saved a lot of money by limiting his alcohol consumption. I think this is a great idea as most of the time you aren’t going to a country to enjoy the local bars, but to see the sights and enjoy the scenery. I thought this was a great idea and one that I will personally take on board with me on any future trips.

Overall the book has a great blend of travel tips, savings advice as well as a unique story to keep things interesting. I am enjoying what I have read so far and I am sure you will too.



Adam has been kind enough to let me giveaway free copies of his book to those of you who comment and share this link via social media. So let me know in the comments if you want a copy 🙂