Something I think that I do quite well is managing my own time. I hate being bored and I also detest doing things I feel are either not enjoyable or unproductive, so when I find myself doing something that meets one of the above criteria it really bothers me.

You might be interested in knowing that the inspiration for this post was that I was removing a background from an image I took for one of my latest Amazon products. The job itself is quite simple, but it’s terribly time consuming (if you want to do it properly) and I also find it can be quite tedious.

I found myself doing this image editing and thinking to myself, I still have to make sure I do a post for Monster Piggy Bank before I go out later tonight, but I also really need to get this image editing done as my listing is going live next week. Originally I thought I would just do 1 or 2 images (enough to get things started) then do this post I am writing now.

After getting pretty close to the end of editing the first image (took about 10 minutes), my image editing program decided to freeze up on me and I lost my work. I wouldn’t say I was infuriated, but I was less than pleased. Anyway, it was in that moment that I remembered that I found someone on fiverr recently who did this type of image editing and that he did an amazing job.


So I went back to find him and logged another job. 6.20 Australian dollars later and he is doing 15 image background removals for me in under 12 hours. Honestly, doing that many would take me the better part of 2 hours. Why would I spend 2 hours doing something like that, when I can pay someone $6 to do the same thing, while I make better use of my time?

Anyway, this post was a bit last moment – it wasn’t what I was planning on writing about, but the inspiration hit me like a tonne of bricks. If you have anything in your life you could outsource to provide you more time and is obviously killer value, I highly recommend outsourcing it.