Within the last couple of months we have thrown 2 parties – one for me and one for my son. I had a great time at both of them (as did our guest I hope), but one thing that didn’t escape my attention was just how expensive and how much effort throwing parties can be.

Something that we decided to do for both parties fairly early on was to have them away from our house. There were a few reasons for this

  1. Our house isn’t great for entertaining more than about 10 people as there just isn’t that much room.
  2. I hate having to clean the house ready for parties and then clean again once everything is finished.
  3. Throwing a party at your own house normally means that you are working for the most part, rather than enjoying it.
  4. Things tend to get damaged at parties, and I don’t really want my house getting trashed.

The problem with having a party away from your house is that you will either have to pay for a venue (which we did for my party), or in the case of my sons party – you have to stake out a good spot in a park and defend it with your life. Well that may have been an over exaggeration, but I did have to ward off 4 Asian ladies that told me they came to the park early just so they could sit at the undercover table that I had already claimed. They wanted me to go elsewhere even though I was there first and got up at 5:30am just so I could get there before anyone else – RUDE!

Anyway, despite all the time that goes into planning, staking out locations, making food and shopping for all the party items – it is also fairly costly. For my party we ended up buying a package deal at a hotel/club in the city. We got our own area and food and drinks included in the package. In total I think we spent $300 or so, but overall that really wasn’t too bad when we compared other venues around our area. Some places were $500 to $1,000 just for the room!

With my sons party the main cost was in buying all the food and drink. In total I think we spent close to $200-$250 buying everything (including my wife making an amazing cake), but this took a lot more effort on our part when compared to my party.

Birthday Cake

On the whole I think we did fairly well considering just how much food and drink everyone consumed and how many people we had at each party.

I remember watching a show which was all about extreme parties. Some of these parties had thousands of people and cost the hosts upwards of $30,000. Obviously our parties were pretty tame when compared to those, but at the same time, I’m not ready to fork out that kind of cash just to have a party – the only time I could warrant anything like that is for a wedding.



How much do you spend when throwing a party?