Hosting parties can get expensive, particularly when you think about the size of things like wedding or engagement parties. So I’ve asked a friend of mine who runs a Brisbane party hire company to help me understand some of the best ways to reduce the cost of having a party.


You probably won’t be surprised to hear that my friend thought a good way to save money for a function is to look at hiring equipment as opposed to hiring a venue. The main reason for this is that often hiring an all inclusive venue can be quite expensive, as you will be subject to the venues bar and alcohol charges as well as their in house catering charges (which will also often have limited menu options).

In contrast hiring equipment, buying your own alcohol and organizing your own food or catering can be a cheaper option. It’s also becoming quite popular to hire a community hall and then contact a party hire company to supply things like tables and chairs. If you are really keen on saving money, then you can prepare all the food and drinks yourself.

Speaking of community halls, one of the great things about them is that they are usually very cheap to hire and can be fit out very nicely with fairly lights, nice chairs and good linen. Many halls will offer you a 3 day hire period. This allows you to setup on day 1, have the function on day 2, and then do the cleanup on day 3.

If hiring a hall seems like it might be a bit too pricey, or you are struggling to find one that will meet your needs, then perhaps throwing a party at your house or in your backyard is a better option. Things like home weddings are gaining in popularity these days, as it is cheaper to create and intimate function venue in your garden using hire equipment, than it is to hire a venue. Although obviously you will need to have enough space for everyone and everything.

When you are getting married, most people will want to do something a bit more special than your average party, and choosing the right venue can be a big part of that. According to my friend, he has been asked to fit out a lot of old style barns lately. They look great and often barns are very cheap to hire out.

Some key things to consider when looking for venues:

  • Finding low cost blank venues is the key
  • Look for access to power and amenitites
  • Shop around to find the best prices

Have you got any tips for reducing the cost of throwing a party?