Welcome! The following is a list of all the best personal finance articles that I have found around the web. Each week I will add articles that I feel are worthy of being added to this list. My goal is to create one of the top personal finance repositories on the web.

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Top Personal Finance Articles 2013

Week 19

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The Cashless Society: Orwellian Nightmare or Beneficial Certainty? – One Smart Dollar
Why the Rich Stay Rich, and the Poor Stay Poor – Modest Money
How to Navigate the Financial World after Graduation – The Heavy Purse
When I Would Rather Spend Than Save – Debt Roundup
What is Financial Freedom? – Cash Cow Couple
What I Learned From Working in Personal Banking – The Frugal Farmer

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Finding Little Ways to Save Money
Do You Trust Your Partner With Money?
Top Personal Finance Articles #12


Week 18

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Money Might Buy Happiness – Cash Cow Couple
Dear Becky: A Letter About Retirement Planning – Club Thrifty
Financial Rules Stay-At-Home Spouses Need to Know – One Smart Dollar
Fighting Boredom and Restlessness as You Work on Long-Term Goals – The Frugal Farmer
Confessions From a Stock Broker – My Little Green Book – Frugal Rules

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Top Personal Finance Articles #11
Finding More Time In The Day
Can You Have Too Much Money?
Let’s talk currency devaluation. What is it, and why does it matter?


Week 17

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Is Budget Failure Your Own Fault? – Canadian Budget Binder
Save Money With a Low Flow Showerhead – Cash Cow Couple
Should I Pay Off My House Early? – Pros and Cons – Making Sense Of Cents
Five Easy Tips for Teaching Your Children Personal Finance – The Frugal Farmer
How Much Does a Trip To The Emergency Room Cost? – Eyes on the Dollar

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Sport Spending in Australia
Staying ahead of the pack with the latest in home entertainment
Top Personal Finance Articles #10


Week 16

This week I have a heap of personal stories for Financial Literacy Awareness Month (plus a great post by Joe). Enjoy 🙂

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5 Ideas That Shaped My Career – The Free Financial Advisor
Teaching Financial Literacy in High School – Tackling Our Debt
Financially Under Construction – The Random Path
A Parent’s Responsibility: Being a Good Financial Role Model – The Heavy Purse
Our Story: In Honor of National Financial Literacy Awareness Month – The Frugal Farmer
How Debt Started My Quest Toward Financial Literacy – Debt Roundup

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20 Things I Have Learned Since Becoming a Dad
How Getting to Work Costs Money
Top Personal Finance Articles #9


Week 15

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A Small Victory in My Quest to Raise Financially Literate Kids – Len Penzo
Lets-be-honest-money-really-important-you – Tackling Our Debt
Life, Money and Retirement~Skype Doesn’t Reach Heaven – Canadian Budget Binder
Wanting More Money Is NOT a Bad Thing…Usually – Young Adult Money
How a 17 year old prepares her financial future – Reach Financial Independence (Featuring Eva – TeensGotCents)
Money Mistakes I Made in My 20s That I Won’t Repeat in My 30s – Girl Meets Debt
Trick Yourself Into Saving More – The Frugal Toad
Laurie, The Frugal Farmer’s Path – The Frugal Path (Featuring Laurie – The Frugal Farmer)

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My Personal Debt Reduction Strategies
Time is Money – What are you Sacrificing for Money?
Top Personal Finance Articles #8

Week 14

A couple of great posts this week. I really like the one from Mr. CBB at Canadian Budget Binder. He goes into so much detail with his overview. If ever you want to see how to track your spending he is a great person to model it on.

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How we save over $5000 on food – Memoirs of the Norwegian Girl
Should Your Teenager Get A Job? – Midlife Finance
Is There A Best Way To Pay Down Debt? – Modest Money
14 Ways That You Are Wasting Money – Tackling Our Debt
Have You Made Sure Your Paycheck is Insured? – One Smart Dollar
March 2013 CBB Budget Update #3- A Quiet Month With The Budget – Canadian Budget Binder

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A comparison of tax rates and welfare provisions around the world
Residential Burglary Prevention
Top Personal Finance Articles #7


Week 13

Plenty of great baby/kid related posts this week and working out if you should go back to work. So enjoy.

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Big Change Happening Today – Debt Round Up
A Reader’s Response To: Can we Afford a Baby? – Frugal Path
Stay at home vs working mum: Factoring all the costs – Reach Financial Independence
My Greatest Childhood Money Lesson – Debt Round Up
Increase your income instead of waiting for a pay raise – Johnny Moneyseed
Having Kids: Is It Worth It? – Club Thrifty
Lessons from Cyprus or when the American Dollar Crashes – The Frugal Farmer
We Flipped a House!-Part 1, Buying the House & Part 2 – Eyes on the dollar

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Forex Currency Trading Basics For Beginners – Part 3
How to Consolidate Debt

Top Personal Finance Articles #6


Week 12

There was only a few posts that I really enjoyed this week with Pauline’s Coconut investments without a doubt the most interesting one. Don’t forget that we launched our ebook this week and it is available on both Amazon and here.

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Coconut Investment – Reach Financial Independence
What My Life Is Like With Terrible Credit – Canadian Budget Binder
What Does Early Retirement Feel Like? The Positives And Negatives Of Not Working For A Living – Financial Samurai
My Furry Money Pit – Plunged In Debt
Compare the Best Credit Card Offers – Modest Money

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The A-Z of Saving Money Book Launch
Forex Currency Trading Basics For Beginners – Part 2 (MetaTrader4)
Top Personal Finance Articles #5


Week 11

I think this may have been the best week of 2013 when it comes to personal finance posts! Not only was a quoted by Ready For Zero – here, but there were a tonne of other cracking posts discussing everything from making more money to economic collapse. My pick this week is a post over at Budget and the Beach about the fear of not having enough money, it is something I often think about and I felt like it was a really good read.

I also really enjoyed Len Penzo’s posts regarding the collapse of the US dollar and how you can prepare for it.

~ External Posts ~
Fear of not having enough money – Budget and the Beach
Economic collapse 101 what will it look like and how it may start | Economic collapse 101 ten ways to prepare for the unknown – Len Penzo
Wealth creation strategies within your reach – My Money Design
Survival budget – Reach Financial Independence
Drawing a line in the sand a 37 decision – Luke1428
How much would you pay to save time effort – Edward Antrobus
Reasons im Killing my mortgage – Club Thrifty

~ Monster Piggy Bank Posts ~
Game of Thrones Season 3 – Piracy is Coming to Australia
Spring Break and my Misspent Youth

Top Personal Finance Articles #4


Week 10

Heaps of great posts this week, but again I have probably missed many of them as I have been working pretty much full time on getting the eBook out so you can all have a chance to read it. I really liked the post over at Ready For Zero – who doesn’t like a good debt payoff story. Plus Jacob at I Heart Budgets has some very unusual ways to earn money – definitely worth a read!

~ External Posts ~
How I Paid Off My Debt in Less Than Two Years (and You Can Too) – Ready For Zero
4 Crazy Ways to Earn Money to Pay Off Debt – I Heart Budgets
Should you pay off your mortgage if you could? – Retire by 40
Why Paying Off Student Loans Should be a Priority – Modest Money
Are Your Family Vacations Frugal or Expensive? – Tackling Our Debt
The U.S. Healthcare System and Your Finances – Club Thrifty

~ Monster Piggy Bank Posts ~
Forex Currency Trading Basics For Beginners – Part 1
A no-headache checklist for moving house
Top Personal Finance Articles #3 and a Giveaway!


Week 9

I was a bit slack looking around the personal finance community this week and didn’t get to visit anywhere near as many blogs as I normally do. These are the best of what I did get a chance to read, I hope you enjoy them.

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Are Negative Interest Rates A Good Or Bad Idea? – Money Bulldog
Our Budget Friendly Wedding – Plunged in Debt
Raising Money for a Down Payment on a Home – See Debt Run
Challenging Budget Exercise for a High School Class – I Heart Budgets

~ Monster Piggy Bank Posts ~
Debt Spiral – Avoid Bankruptcy and Get Help
Why do Banks Like the Phrases “Please Hold” and “Transaction Pending”

Make Sure You Shop Around for Credit Cards

Cigarette Cost Calculator – How Much Money Could You Save?


Week 8

There were a couple of really great infographics around the community this week, which is always good to checkout if you like visualizing things rather than just reading words on a screen.

I really liked the guest post on Budgets are Sexy about why you have money, it really struck a chord with me and made me really think hard about what it is I want to achieve.

Joe put together his write up on P2P lending, which is something that I really wanted to checkout as an investment opportunity. From what he posted it looks like it might be a bit more hit and miss than I first thought, but still worthwhile getting into.

~ External Posts ~
Want to Save Money? Here Are 13 Ways! – Debt Roundup
Live on half of what you earn – You only do this once
Save Money Easily – Frugal Rules
Why Do You Want to Have Money? – Budgets are Sexy
How Disability Insurance Helped Us
– Money Life and More
Savings Advice I Would Give to My Friends
– Eyes On The Dollar
Peer to Peer Lending isn’t as passive as I thought – Retire by 40

~ Monster Piggy Bank Posts ~
Do You Know Your Neighbors? 10 Reasons To Meet Them – I got a heap of positive feedback on this post, so it might be worth checking out 🙂
The Strangest Financial Claims

Economic Conditions, Annuities And Your Retirement
Having Multiple Bank Accounts is a Smart Move
Top Personal Finance Articles #2


Week 7

A heap of great picks this week, although I have to say the story about Maddie (Laurie’s daughter – AKA The Frugal Farmer) was my favorite. I really like the idea of empowering children to achieve things, which is exactly what Laurie did!

~ External Posts ~
Encouraging Entrepeneurialism in Your Children – The Frugal Farmer
Paying Off Debt is Like a Winter Blizzard – Eyes On The Dollar
How to Live Debt Free For Life – 4 Things To Help You Make The Change – Stumble Forward
Dumpster Diving~The Top 5 Rules For Finding The Good Free Stuff! – Canadian Budget Binder
5 Smart Money Moves For Young Families – The Free Financial Advisor
Personal Finance is Like Driving: Don’t Speed! – The Frugal Path

~ Monster Piggy Bank Posts ~
January 2013 Goal Review
11 Ways to show your love on Valentine’s Day – Without spending any money
4 Tips for Sticking to Your Budget
Ways to Get Money While Unemployed
Top Personal Finance Articles


Week 6

~ External Posts ~
5 Habits of Broke People
– Well Kept Wallet
Credit Score Dating Anyone? – Budgets Are Sexy
The First Step to Recovery is to Admit You Don’t Have a Budget – Debt Roundup

~ Monster Piggy Bank Posts ~
Giving Gifts on a Budget
Do You Want More Money?
How to Avoid Unnecessary Purchases
The First Child: Opportunities for Savings
MPB – Pool Room Posts #16


Week 5

~ External Posts ~
How to Get Out of Debt
– Ready For Zero
69 Fantastic Ways to Make Money – Tacking our Debt
Dealing with debt: seven steps to debt busting – The Money Principle

~ Monster Piggy Bank Posts ~
How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby?
How to Assess a Prospective New Home for Risk of Bushfires before Buying

MPB – Pool Room Posts #15


Week 4

~ External Posts ~
13 money resolutions for 2013  – Reach Financial Independence
Do Your Loved Ones Understand Your Career Priorities? – Ready For Zero
Four Ways to Split Expenses at Home – Money Life & More

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The Cheapest, Easiest and Best ways to learn a Language in 2013
Financial Plans to Make Before Marriage
MPB – Pool Room Posts #14


Week 3

~ External Posts ~
True Story: How to Cope When Your Spouse Skips Out with All the Cash
– Len Penzo
How to Get Your Family On Board When Paying Off Debt  – Work Save Live
Lifestyle Blogs: Empowering Women or Just Setting Us Back 50 years?  – LBee & The Money Tree

~ Monster Piggy Bank Posts ~
Recipe: Lemon Meringue Pie
Route 66 – A Road Trip That Won’t Break the Budget
MPB – Pool Room Posts #13 Baby Edition


Week 2

~ External Posts ~
Reasons Why You Should Not Engineer Your Own Layoff
– Free Money Finance
Do you have debt? Time to get your numbers straight! – The Money Principle
Should You Consolidate Credit Card Debt? – Debt Roundup
Working From Home – A Mom’s Perspective – Frugal Rules

~ Monster Piggy Bank Posts ~
Using Coupons to Save Money
Sell Structured Settlement Payments – Lump Sum vs Annuity
MPB – Pool Room Posts #12


Week 1

~ External Posts ~
Putting the Senate’s Fiscal Proposal into Perspective
– Funancials.biz

~ Monster Piggy Bank Posts ~
The highs and lows of 2012
Get Smarter About Money In 6 Steps
December 2012 Goal Review
MPB – Pool Room Posts #11