I was at a retirement function last week for a colleague who had worked for the same company for 55 years. What an effort! It’s something that’s highly unlikely to be repeated any time soon, if ever at all, but it’s also something that i’m not sure I would want to be celebrating.

Retirement (2)

For me, I’ve got some lofty goals of enjoying my life and not having to go to work everyday well before I turn 40, so the idea of being in my 70’s and still working seems like something I really want to avoid like the plague.

Anyway, at this retirement function, there were a lot of other people who had recently retired, or who were close to retirement. Many of them retired early, while some are still plugging away trying to ensure they have a comfortable retirement.

What I found really interesting was the few comments that came my way about how many more years I had left until I got to retire. You see there is this preconceived idea (something we are all told and grow up to accept) that you have to keep working until you are old and grey before you are allowed to finish working and to finally start enjoying life.

I’m not here to tell other people how to live their lives, so it rubs me up the wrong way when people make assumptions about how I should live my life, particularly when it involves missing a great deal of it doing a 9 to 5 job for the next 35 years.

I honestly can’t understand how some people never think that there must be more to life than this, and why they don’t actively do something to better their situation. I’m not talking about taking massive risks either, but just thinking outside of the box a little rather than blindly accepting that you were born to work the majority of your life and then enjoy the last little bit before you die – yuck!

After talking to many of that generation last week, it made me more motivated than ever to continue on the path that i’m on and to write this blog post telling anyone that’s reading that you can change your future and you don’t have to work until you are old and grey. There are more options everywhere – you just have to explore them and be willing to have a go.