Here in Australia we have just had yet another cyclone that has battered the Queensland coast. Cyclones seem to be just a normal part of life for most residents of north Queensland, however despite this, every time one hits there is plenty of damage to both people and property.

The cyclone that we had recently is names cyclone Ita (pictured below)Storm - Cyclone Ita

This cyclone has caused all sorts of damage to properties north of Cairns. Now if you are living in a place like far north Queensland then you are going to be almost assured that eventually you will have to live through a category 4 or 5 cyclone. That means that there is a good chance that you will suffer from some form of property damage that is completely out of your control.

Let’s face it, when there are winds of 200+Kmph, things like trees or signposts can come loose and smash through your doors or windows. Quite often the wind is so severe that  you will see roofs peeled back off the top of house. There is also a high likelihood that you will also see large amounts of flooding that can also cause massive amounts of damage.

So what does all this mean? Well if I was living in one of those locations where you knew that it was only a matter of time before your property was about to get hammered by a cyclone, then I would be racing out to ensure all my home and contents insurance details were up to date. Obviously insurance is one of those things you don’t ever want to have to use, but it is something that you almost need to have when you live in certain locations.

Even if you live in a fairly natural disaster free zone, all sorts of things can happen which could leave your property at risk. Living in Southeast QLD, I have seen a freak storm rip through Brisbane and even the recent Brisbane floods that caused huge amounts of damage. None of these things were predicted, but they still happened, and many people got caught out without insurance and had to start all over again.

That is why it is important to make sure that you are covered by home and contents insurance. It really isn’t all that expensive when you consider how much it would cost to rebuild your life, and if you shop around then you are likely to find some really good deals available to you.