Some people decide to give pets as a Christmas gift for others without really thinking of the consequences of their actions. I mean getting a puppy for Christmas sounds like a great idea right? Wrong! Unfortunately many people decide to give pets as Christmas gifts, and animal rescue centers all over the world are inundated with animals that owners either don’t want, or are unable to properly care for.

As most of you will be aware my wife and I have Ricky who is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


Poor Ricky got stuck posing for me when I bought my new camera.

We rescued Ricky from the local animal shelter as a puppy when he was only a couple of months old, and it was probably one of the best decisions of my life. Originally I didn’t want a dog, but my wife really did and so I decided to cave in an let her go and rescue one. I am so glad she did, I couldn’t imagine what might have become of poor little Ricky if we didn’t bring him into our home.


Save Money

Rescuing animals from animal shelters is a great way to save money, particularly when it comes to dogs and cats, as breeders can charge an arm and a leg. The animals that come from these shelters are no less loving than ones you buy in the shop, but they are a lot cheaper and you are giving a loving animal a home where they can become your families pet.


Help Save a Pets Life!

Locked up puppy

Many unwanted animals are left at animal shelters every year (with Christmas time being a particularly bad time of year). Unfortunately this results in many of these helpless animals being euthanized due to the cost of keeping them and not having enough owners willing to take them in.

From The Humane Society – It is estimated that animal shelters care for 6-8 million dogs and cats every year in the United States, of whom approximately 3-4 million are euthanized.

To me that is disgusting! I can’t believe that people are still breeding dogs and cats for profit when there are so many pets being destroyed every year. In most cases it isn’t the pets fault that they end up in an animal shelter and all of them would want nothing more than to be included in your family.


Finding a Pet

So next time you are thinking of giving someone a pet as a gift, or if you are thinking of buying a pet for yourself, please consider looking in an animal shelter first before deciding to support pet shops and breeders. These people only perpetuate the destruction of innocent cats and dogs and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to support that.

For those of you in Australia you can check out Pet Rescue if you want to look into adopting the next member of your family.