A while ago I wrote about how my wife and I do our grocery shopping online and how we really enjoy the experience, and how it saves us lots of time and effort. The only major downside that I could find was that cost us an extra $9 in delivery fees that we otherwise wouldn’t have to pay if we went to the shops ourselves. After chatting with some friends, we learned that the shop that we buy everything through now offers a credit card that has a $0 annual fee, and if you use that card to buy your groceries online, and the total of your bill is greater than $100, then you get the delivery fee waived.

This was music to my ears, as that $9 fee is something that has always annoyed me, but I justified it with the time savings that we were experiencing and the lack of frustration at waiting in queues at the shopping center. Essentially, if we sign up for this credit card we will end up saving $450 in delivery fees over the space of 1 year. I don’t know about you, but $450 is a pretty big amount of money that I can certainly put to better use. Even if I couldn’t think of a way to spend it, that money would pay for about 4 weeks worth of groceries.

I always thought that I was fairly astute when it came to saving money, but this latest development proves to me that there is always new ways to go about find ways to save, no matter how small the amount may be. Perhaps sometime in the near future I may have to review our existing expenses and see what areas I can find improvements in.


What ways have you found to save money? Have you got any cool tips that you are willing to share?