Last week a work colleague had an issue with his mobile phone where it kept rebooting itself every 3-4 seconds – obviously it was completely unusable and so he decided that he wanted to take it into the shop and get it fixed seeing as it was still within its warranty period.

My colleague happened to have taken the train to work and so I offered to drive him to the local phone shop so he could get it sorted that day before he went out later that evening. So when we got to the store, he ended up knowing one of the guys in the shop and he ended up convincing my colleague to just upgrade his phone to a new one as it was only going to be an extra $2 a month.

As he was now buying a new phone he wanted to buy a new phone case and screen protector to keep it safe from accidental damage. The prices were really really overpriced with 1 screen protector and 1 case coming to $39. I said to my colleague that he should ask for them for free and just see if they would give it to him rather than being extorted. He wasn’t all that keen and was happy to pay full price, but me being me, I decided that I would ask on his behalf and said to the sales person – “What do you reckon about throwing these accessories in for free? Especially considering how new his phone was when it died and the hassle of having to come down here to get it fixed”. Turns out that she agreed, and my colleague ended up getting both phone accessories for free, when he would have had to of paid $39.

The way I figure things is that if you don’t ask you will never know, and the money is going to be better in his pocket than some big telecommunications corporation. Worst case scenario is that the sales person says no and you have to pay full retail price.

Asking sales people to drop the price or give out things for free is something that I do all the time, it used to really embarrass my wife when she first met me, but she sees the value in doing it and now just accepts that it is something that I do when buying goods and services.


Do you haggle to reduce the price of things? Or do you have issues with negotiating a better deal?