I’m hardly a gourmet chef, but I do enjoy getting into the kitchen and cooking something edible. What I also really enjoy is knowing that I am saving money and eating healthier than I would have been if I chose to eat out or get fast food.


It’s funny, when I was a kid I used to love it when my parents would take me to the local fast food joint, I was like a kid in a candy store. Even when I was older (16-18 years) I used to regularly go get a burger and fries when I was on my lunch break from my fruit and veggie job. Nowadays I avoid fast food like the plague, and I only eat it when I am seriously in a hurry, or if (like the other weekend) we had a minor emergency and couldn’t find a way into the kitchen to make something.

I really enjoy knowing what I am eating and how it has been prepared. I also like that I am better able to control the portion sizes that I consume and make only what I want to eat. This means that most nights I will make enough food for an extra person so that I can have leftovers at work. Most people that I work with will buy their lunch, but at around $6-$7 a day that is money I would rather keep in my own pocket, and besides, the food available at work is of average quality.

Recently we had a friend come over and we were deciding if we would just order pizza or if I would make one. After a small amount of umming and arring I decided that not only do I like the taste of my home made pizzas better than the shop pizzas, but it was going to be cheaper for me to do so. The only thing the shop pizza had over my own home made one was that it would have been far faster to go and pick one up. As it turns out, our guest loved our home made pizza and even commented that it was cool that we made our own base (for some reason people seem to think it is really difficult to do).

Do you try to cook at home or do you eat out more?