Saving money in general is something that everybody likes and needs to do. The same can be said if you’re planning on getting car insurance for your ride. But how exactly does one go about doing that sans going through a lot of headaches?


Here are 7 ways to save money on car insurance:

  1. Shopping around – Insurance prices differ from one company to the next, so you should at least get a few price quotes. You can contact insurance providers directly or get some of their details online. Obtain quotes from each of the ones you get in touch with and, finally and most importantly, don’t shop by the price alone. Ask your friends, co-workers and/or loved ones for recommendations.
  1. Before buying a car, do compare the insurance costs – Before you go for that BMW you’ve always had your eye on, you ought check out its insurance costs since premiums on car insurance are partly based on how much the car costs, how much it costs to repair, its safety record overall as well as how likely for it to get stolen. A lot of insurance companies provide discounts for features that reduce the likelihood of theft or even injury. Car Insurance by Youi has this kind of insurance features.
  1. Purchase auto and homeowners insurance from the same provider – A lot of insurance providers are going to cut you some slack if you’re buying more than just one kind of insurance. You might also get reductions in case you’ve got more than just one car insured with the same provider. Certain providers reduce rates for the long-time customers. However, you should still shop around since you might save money getting insurance from different providers compared with having multipolicy discounts.
  1. Having good credit history – Having excellent credit history helps in cutting insurance costs in general. Many companies make use of credit information in pricing their auto insurance policies. Research has shown that those who are efficient at managing their credit have fewer insurance claims. In order to protect that credit standing of yours, simply pay the bills on time, avoid getting more credit than what’s need and keep credit balances low. Finally, regularly check your credit record and get errors corrected in as soon a time as possible in order for your credit record to stay precise.
  1. Taking advantage of the low mileage discounts – Certain insurers provide discounts for motorists who drive lower than average miles annually. A low mileage discount can also apply if you regularly carpool when you’re headed off to work.
  1. Inquire about group insurance – There are insurance providers that offer reductions to those who obtain insurance with the help of groups plans from their employers, through alumni, business and professional groups or even from other associations. You can ask your employer as well as the groups that you’re part of in order to know more about it.
  1. Knowing more about other discounts – Insurers provide discounts to those who haven’t gotten involved in any accident or even moving violations for some years. You might also get discounts in case you take defensive driving courses.



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