I’m no stranger to shopping online, in fact, my wife and I have been big advocates for doing your entire grocery shopping online for a while now. However, until recently the only shops offering this service were the big grocery chains, and their prices were essentially the same as what you would find in store – that advantage being that you didn’t have to spend time going to the shops.


Recently though I discovered that there was a new player in the Aussie grocery marketplace – Kogan. Now I have used Kogan plenty of times before, but always as an electronics retailer, not a grocery shop.

Originally I dismissed their marketing as a bit of a gimmick to get people to use their website, yet I was intrigued enough to go and take a look after seeing some of the prices they were offering.

The thing that got me over the line when it came to checking out their grocery range was toothpaste of all things. Most people probably don’t think a lot about toothpaste, it’s just something they have to buy. For me though, I have sensitive teeth, and there is only 1 brand of toothpaste that i’ve found that seems to work for me when it comes to easing the pain I get when eating cold foods/drinks.

This particular brand I saw was on sale this week at Kogan. Normally it sells in the local shops for about $11 a tube (expensive hey!), but this week it was on special for only $4.95 – that’s a pretty massive saving. We decided that even though there is a $9.99 delivery fee, we would be far better off buying these tubes in bulk to save money – so we bought the maximum amount they would allow, which was 10.

While we were there looking around, we also decided to look into what other products they had available which might be worthwhile buying, the idea being that we were committed to this toothpaste and so delivery was now essentially paid for. In the end we bought about $90 worth of groceries online, whereas the normal cost would have been about $170. All the items that we bought were things that we would have been buying in the near future anyway (with the exception of a $1 can of Pringles chips) and so I now expect that our weekly grocery shopping bill will be reduced as a result.

We are still awaiting the delivery of our goods, but assuming they come, I would highly encourage you to take a look and see if there are things that are worth your while purchasing via this method. I was quite pleasantly shocked to see just how much we saved.