Last week I spoke about how we started the process of building our new house. Today I am continuing with the next part of the series, which is all about the different selections we had to make with the design consultant.

I must admit, I forgot just how many things needed to be selected when building a new house since the last time my wife and I went through the process 7 years ago. There really are just so many things that need to be considered and it can be quite challenging when you only have small samples in front of you.

House Design

Our house should look very similar to this

Tiles, Carpet and Wood – oh my!

Probably the biggest thing that we needed to work out was exactly what type of tiles we wanted, where they were going and how much each different variation was going to cost us. If you have never been through the process before I’ll give you this free advice – don’t take children along with you, they get so bored and you end up rushing through the entire process. In the end we made some decisions, but we are planning on going back and confirming it all without a child in the near future.

It wasn’t only about tiles and kids either, we still need to select our carpets and we had to make a decision on whether we wanted any wood or composite wood flooring throughout the house, and or as the entry way and deck out the back of the house. In the end we decided against wood internally, but we are still considering the advantages of composite decking for the entry to the house as we feel it would be better than extending the concrete driveway all the way to the front door.


Gas vs. Electricity

Another decision we needed to make was if we were going to make use of the town gas that we have in the area. In the end it was a bit of a no brainer after I did the sums, as over the long run electricity is a lot more expensive than gas, despite the larger initial capital outlay.


Bench tops, Handles, Doors and more

There were just so many things we needed to select on the day – and all within a 3 hour window. From memory here are the rest of the things we ended up selecting on the day:

  • Outdoor render color
  • Roof color and style
  • Down pipe color
  • Architrave color
  • Window edging color and style
  • Garage door color and style
  • Balustrade color and style
  • Internal and external door color and style
  • Door handle color and style
  • Bathtub type
  • Show cubicle type and show head and handle style
  • Toilet type
  • Kitchen and Bathroom bench tops and cupboard style and color (including door handles)
  • Internal walls and ceiling colors

I’m sure there was more things we had to look at, but it did seem like an almost endless number of selections that we had to make. Hopefully when it is all done and dusted it will all look good together.

We still need to confirm our tiles and carpet, have a meeting with the air-conditioning people and select locations for power points, light and light switch locations. Plus all the other things that I haven’t even thought about yet.