What are your thoughts on having some short term pain for long term gain when it comes to lifestyle vs income and employment opportunities? What i’m talking about is when people choose jobs where they have to work super hard all the time, but they are compensated with very handsome pay packets for their efforts.

I always thought that it would be a good idea to try and get one of those massive paying jobs when I was younger, before I settled down and had a family. That never really eventuated for me, but I still think it’s a good idea. What i’m not so sure about is if I would take the very challenging and time consuming job after you have had a family. Yes the money would be amazing, but there is so much more to life than money, and I don’t think you truly appreciate that until you have a family of your own.

The reason I am thinking about this at the moment is because a friend of mine has recently taken a position with a new company and his remuneration is gigantic. Well, I thought it was gigantic, until he told me what one of his friends with the same company is earning then I knew exactly why he was keen on getting started.

It’s not all roses though. He will be expected to work insane hours, travel anywhere in the world and be available at all times. The company will essentially own him.

Now he has a young family, which for me takes priority, but I can completely understand his position and why he is choosing this path. Opportunities don’t come along like this everyday and with only a couple of years worth of work, he could completely change his financial situation and potentially retire many years earlier than he otherwise would.

So i have a question for everyone – Would you jump at a super high paying job (even if it was only for a little while) to get ahead? Or are you more focused on other things in life?