$370 million is apparently what the Australian government has spent on our Olympic Athletes so they can compete on the world stage in Rio. Let me say that again – $370 MILLION! Australian sent 422 athletes across 26 sports to Rio, so that means the tax paying public spent $876,777 per athlete between the London and Rio Olympics.

I’m not sure if other people find it as offensive as I do, but for a country that has it’s fair share of budgetary issues, and that’s a hair width away from being an actual banana republic (mining – Iron Ore and Coal), there are a hell of a lot of things this money could have been spent instead.

So at the half way point of the games let’s see what that money has bought us.

Rio Olympics Medal Tally Australia

Medal tally as of the time of writing:

  • 6 Gold
  • 7 Silver
  • 9 Bronze
  • 22 Medals in total

Let me also remind everyone that Australia always starts out strong due to our massive spend on things like swimming, but we heavily taper off when it gets to the track events. So whilst we are currently 7th in the Gold metal tally and punching well above our weight in terms of population on a global scale – I say, who cares?

What does this actually contribute to Australia other than a sense of international prestige? For the stupid amount of money spent, I would prefer world class hospitals, schools and other infrastructure. Maybe pour some of that money into setting up green energy, medical research, saving the Great Barrier Reef, or even fixing how we treat refugees in this country.

If I want to get a bit more personal, what about looking at easing traffic congestion, which costs the economy billions each year and frustrates almost every Australian that sits in it daily. We’ve also recently had one of the biggest government bungles in recent memory with the Census fail, perhaps this money could have helped in that space.

All I know is that the ROI on $370 million for 6 Gold medals seems woefully inadequate and as a taxpayer I do not support this misallocation of resources.