I swear, ever since having kids I get sick almost every second month. It’s hard to believe that it can make such a big difference, but as I sit here expelling mucus i’m painfully aware of just how frequently we seem to be getting sick these days.

It’s not a lot of fun, but it’s also reaffirmed how glad I am to be employed as a full time employee with the benefit of having paid sick leave. My brother and I were speaking the other day, and he was telling my all about the virtues of being a contractor – primarily the increased hourly rate of pay. In a way I agree with him, but the amount I have been sick in the last year it just wouldn’t be worthwhile not getting paid when I have to stay home due to illness vs the increased rate of pay for being a contractor.

I guess you could always go to work if you are feeling ill, and I know a lot of people that do that, but i’m the type of person that would rather not pass it on to others. Particularly when I know just how rotten I have been feeling.

The other thing that I find factors into it heavily is that when the kids and you are sick at the same time, no matter how rotten you feel, you have to find a way to put them first. So while you would rather be resting it up and getting better, you have to make sure the little ones are fully looked after before you can even think about tending to yourself – it certainly makes thing a bit more difficult, and also makes that sick leave all the more important.

As it stands, i’m currently 5 days through this latest cold, and i’m feeling almost as average right now as I was the day I got it 🙁