It’s my mothers 60th birthday soon and she decided that she wanted the family to all go away to celebrate. I thought it was a great idea, as some of my fondest memories are when the family went away for a week or two, although these days things are a bit different as I’m not a kid anymore and I have a family of my own. So we were looking for somewhere that would fit up to 10 people. I suspect both my parents and my brothers (plus partners) will get a bit of a shock when they are living with a 5 month old, but it’s probably good for them if they ever decide on having kids on their own.


When it comes to a destination we didn’t have to look far to find something that we were all happy with as we really are spoiled for choice when it comes to great vacation destinations that are close to home. The other thing that’s always something you have to consider is just how expensive it’s going to be – particularly when we are looking for such a large place to stay.

Surprisingly I found that the cost actually wasn’t too bad when the cost is being split so many ways. What would normally set us back a couple of thousand dollars is now considerably less. Obviously sharing accommodation isn’t just about money, and as I mentioned before, people will likely get sick of living with a 5 month old, but there are perks as well. The most obvious being we have a built in baby sitter named Nana if my wife and I want to get away for an hour or two, plus there will be a heap of people to talk to do things with.

Overall not only am I really looking forward to going away, but i might have to report back afterwards to make note of any of the downsides to sharing accommodation with so many other people.