Everyone experiences lifestyle inflation to a degree, but one of the biggest causes of lifestyle inflation is trying to keep up with the latest changes in technology. Things like smart phones, computers and even the beloved household TV.

It seems that for many people, having the latest and greatest gadgets has become a life priority. Unfortunately, many people are unable to actually afford these new purchases and they end up buy it all on credit. The major problem with this is that by the time you have paid it off in full, not only have you paid more than the original asking price due to interest, but it will be worth significantly less than what you paid for it, as it will most likely be obsolete.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you can’t spurge every once in a while, but you need to know how to budget your finances and make use of the monetary tools that are available to you. Once you can do this then you can make your money stretch much farther and start to live within a lifestyle that you can afford.

Still, if you find that you are can’t go without the latest and greatest technology items, then perhaps something like getting a TV rental may be of benefit to you.


Why Should I Rent My TV?

By renting rather than buying you can now stay up to date with the latest technology, and you don’t have to worry about having a depreciating asset or finding a lump sum of money to pay for such a big purchase.

As an example – you can rent the latest model of television for the same amount of money that you would use in the purchase of an older model. Not only do you and your friends get a better viewing experience, but you are able to save money for an upgrade in the future. Not to mention that if you are on a tight budget, purchasing a TV that will be obsolete in six months is a bad investment. New features will be added to later models that you will not be able to take advantage of.

Another advantage of renting is that you could have more money available to be able to invest in the stock market, Forex markets or even to help pay down existing debts like, mortgage or credit card debt.


But Isn’t Renting a TV Low Class?

Who has to know that your TV is rented other than you? Have you ever entered someone’s home, sat down in their furniture to watch the game on their 60-inch flatscreen and asked them if it was rented? No — you simply had a great experience with a great piece of equipment. No one needs to know that you have rented your TV other than you.



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