I realise that the vast majority of people that visit my blog are from the USA and Canada and are experiencing winter time snow falls, but here in Australia things are heating up. We are in the middle of Summer and Saturday was an absolute scorcher with temperatures getting up into the 40’s.

Brisbane Heat

So as you can imagine it was a bit unpleasant sitting around the house without air conditioning, so we decided to head to the local shopping centre to try and escape the heat. As it turns out, almost everyone else must have had the same idea and it was fairly packed inside. We ended up doing some shopping (I scored 3 lots of work pants for $10 each – it was an absolute bargain!) and eating lunch before heading home in the hope of an afternoon sea breeze. Unfortunately the sea breeze didn’t come, and so we decided to make use of my sons inflatable swimming pool, which he recently got from Santa.

Backyard Pool

The pool is actually kind of gigantic and easily fits me, my wife and my son with room for a third adult. So most of the afternoon was spent submerged in the pool until it finally did cool down enough to go back inside. I must admit though, for a moment while I was lying down in the pool I considered the thought of getting air conditioning installed, but with there only being a handful of really hot days like this every year, it is quite a large spend for us to remain cool when we managed to stay mostly cool all day just by going to the shops and filling a pool with water.

There are plenty of other ways to stay cool – a few that I thought of include:

  • Going to the beach and taking a swim.
  • Heading to the local council swimming pool or water theme park.
  • Going to the movies.

Then there are the ones we did:

  • Go to the shops
  • Fill an inflatable pool in your backyard and enjoy.



What do you do to stay cool when it is really hot? Do you think it is worthwhile installing air conditioning in your home?